Don’t Have 22 Things on My Gratitude List

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Nope. No thing made it on my list today. Instead it’s all about relationships.

People are the most important items on my list today. Really they should be the most important items everyday.

12-days-of-xmas-eveIn fact, that point is the theme for a movie I saw last night: 12 Days of Christmas Eve starring Steven Weber and Molly Shannon.

The Plot

Calvin Carter is a self-indulged, wealthy CEO (of a discount chain store) who puts self and making money before family, friends, employees and really his own best interests. Then Fate intervenes. An accident triggers a “Groundhog Days” scenario.

Carter has the opportunity to make Christmas Eve perfect. In fact, he gets 12 chances to get it right or else the accident turns fatal. His clueless actions cause frustration and pain for those around him and are sadly typical of many who don’t value the relationships in their lives. But Carter does seem to be growing in his appreciation of what “perfect” means.

This movie, with its humorous treatment of a serious theme, is one I’ll watch again. 

Watch the movie to see if Carter finally chooses to live a perfect Christmas Eve. It’s a PG rating so I’m sure you can guess the ending. We will be showing it on the big screen at Christmas C.A.M.P. on Saturday, December 6.

To my peeps, I’m lending out my copy if you can’t attend C.A.M.P. Just send me an email or reply here.

So, here’s a bunch of gratitude for the relationships in my life. Knowing and interacting with them has made me a better person. I hope I’ve done the same for them. What relationships are you grateful for?

  1. The Trinity
  2. Family
  3. People Like Family
  4. Work Mates
  5. Ministry Mates
  6. School Mates
  7. Profs at Seminary
  8. All Teachers I’ve Had
  9. Small Group Leaders
  10. Current Friends
  11. Friendships I’ve had in the Past
  12. Best Friends
  13. Acquaintances
  14. Prayer Partners
  15. Service Industry People (from mailmen to waitstaff)
  16. Doctors & Their Staff
  17. People at Church
  18. Church Leadership
  19. Mentors/mentees
  20. Bloggers
  21. Authors
  22. Men & Women in the Armed Forces (past & present)

Here are 22 categories, but there are certainly more I could list. What “category” have I left off?

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