12 Motivating Ideas for Goal Achievement

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1115105_lots_of_steps_in_stockholmNow let’s attack the how to keep on keeping on.

Advertise your goals to those around you. Advertise your goals to yourself. Advertising works . . . maybe because of its repetitive nature. So repeat your goals to yourself by using a variety of mediums.

Here are a dozen strategies for motivating yourself into goal achievement.

  1. Self-talk: make it positive and in the present. “Everyday I am becoming a more caring friend.”
  2. Make up a collage of your goal. Use pictures from magazines, books, greeting cards, clip art, found objects and your own artwork. Take it to your local copy shop and have one made into a calendar, a huge poster, a coffee mug, etc. Have two posters printed. Put one where you spend most of your waking day and put the other one on your ceiling.
  3. Set aside a few minutes each day to review your goal. Keep a success notebook. In here, write your goals, and collection of motivating quotes, tips, books to read, and of course, your successes.
  4. Write a 30 second commercial on why you must attain your goal. Make your commercial exciting, convincing and fun. Now find a video camera and have someone record you and your commercial. Put it on Youtube, Facebook, My Space, and/or your blog. Watch this daily. Make a new commercial each month!
  5. Read or listen to books that motivate you. Haunt your library for titles to check out. Spend 15 minutes a day in such books. Take notes in your success notebook. Try one of these: 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself by Steve Chandler, Fish! For Life by Stepehn C. Lundin, Yes, You Can 1,200 Inspiring Ideas for Work, Home and Happiness by Sam Deep, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Reaching Your Goals by Jeff Davidson, and Goals: Setting andAchieving Them On Schedule by Zig Ziglar.
  6. Pick the same day each week to review your progress. Honestly grade your efforts on a scale from 0-10. Decide whether you’d get a gold, silver, bronze, participant or didn’t even try. Play the “Star Spangled Banner” and while singing the song wear a ribbon with gold, silver, bronze or participant. If you have several “didn’t even try” weeks, go back over your who, why and when. Make sure the steps to fulfillment are ridiculously easy to accomplish, that you are doing this for you and that it is a noble goal.
  7. Form an accountability group. Tell others of your intentions. Enlist their aid, support and accountability and do the same for them. Encourage and believe in each other on a weekly basis. Give honest, but gentle feedback. At the end of each month, average your scores from the above exercise. Have everyone participate in the Star Spangled Banner award ceremony.
  8. Put your goal on your computer screen.
  9. Send yourself a daily goal memo from home to your office. Once at work, send a goal memo to your home computer.
  10. Introduce yourself as someone who has already attained that goal. “Hello, my name is Susan Wright and I’m a writer.” Put similar words on your answering machine recording. “You’ve reached the home of Susan Wright, I’m out training for a marathon. Leave a message after the beep.”
  11. On the last Sunday of each month, write yourself a letter stating what you accomplished that month. (Elizabeth from Weird and Surprisingly Good does something similar  every Sunday on her blog.) Be grateful to yourself and offer specific words of praise. End the letter by stating what you want to accomplish the next month, include the why, who and when. Remember to use specific, visually stimulating words. It’s even better to use paper that is special to you in someway. End it with a positive affirmation of your ability to accomplish what you’ve set out to do. Mail it. When you receive it, take the time to savor each sentence, each image, just as if a dear friend had sent you this lovely tribute. File this in your success notebook.
  12. Celebrate and reward each step forward.Yes, even those baby steps. Tell others of your accomplishment . . . Do something fun . . . Wear an “I Did It!” badge . . . Make yourself a certificate of achievement and hang it on the fridge . . . Rent a movie . . . Buy yourself flowers . . . Bask in the joy of attaining that step . . . Do something that makes you feel special . . . Now go onto the next step that you wrote when you created your timeline.

Your Turn . . . So how do you keep yourself on track, progressing to the finish line of your goals? Which one thing from above will you do this week?

Go here  for Part 1: Answering These 6 Questions Will Turn Wishes Into Attainable Goals. Come back for the next installment: Progress is Progress Even When the Steps Are Ridiculously Easy.

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Answering These 6 Questions Will Turn Wishes into Attainable Goals Progress is Progress Even When the Steps Are Ridiculously Easy

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    In our anxiety workshop, they showed us how to achieve a goal using a visual of a ladder. At the top of the rung was the goal that wanted to be achieved. At the bottom of the ladder going toward the top was steps 1-6. Under each step was the reward. So for each step competled an reward was implemented. Sometimes it can take several days for step one to be accomplished & that is okay. Sometimes it is only 3-4 steps used & sometimes more than 6 steps are needed for one to succeed. I will have to copy the pages I received, it has an example on it.



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