4 Ways Grief Has Changed My Beliefs

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The loss (divorce) which brought on this grief first led me into hiding and then into discovering who I am. Grief has forced me to look at my beliefs.

Here are 4 ways grief has changed my beliefs.

  1.  I am learning that while some people cannot be trusted, God can be trusted . . . despite what the circumstances look like. I’ve been knocked down into the deepest grief I’ve ever felt and I am returning to joy. God has provided my needs for emotional support, finances, housing, and a direction for the future. God doesn’t have a hidden agenda. He will never leave me, forget me or abandon me.
  2. I’m (mostly) ok with my “why” questions not being answered. I previously thought that since God didn’t answer my “why” questions, He must not be trustworthy. I struggled with this untruth for decades. I don’t know all the details to God’s plan for mankind as a whole and as individuals. But I do know that He has a plan that cannot be thwarted. And for Believers, good will come out of it.
  3. Knowing when to ask for help is healthy. Asking for help doesn’ t mean I’m weak, silly, or dumb. It means I’m human. It means I am acting how God made humans to act. We are made to encourage one another, pray for one another and help one another with our giftings, time, and money.
  4. I choose life. The constancy of my grief finally pushed me to make a decision. Will I stay in the fetal position of defeat and pain or will I get up and move on into God’s good plan for my future? Death of life? I choose life.

How has grief changed you?

Below are some helpful resources.

  • This song (Praise You in the Storm) soothes me and reminds me Who is my help when I’m grieving.
  • Here is information on coping with grief.
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  • 1. Jenny  |  . at .

    Beautiful post, Susan. Thank you for sharing it.

  • 2. Michelle Mitchell  |  . at .

    I guess I’d say too that it teaches me that sometimes things turning out “okay” doesn’t mean things will end quite the way you think they’re going to end.

  • 3. susan2009  |  . at .

    Jenny, Thanks for your comment. It means a lot to me. Your support means a lot to me.

    Michelle, I find that to be true too. That has been part of my healing journey to accept that.

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  • […] 4 Ways Grief Has Changed My Beliefs […]

  • […] 4 Ways Grief Has Changed My Beliefs […]

  • […] 4 Ways Grief Has Changed My Beliefs […]

  • […] 4 Ways Grief Has Changed My Beliefs […]

  • […] 4 Ways Grief Has Changed My Beliefs […]

  • […] 4 Ways Grief Has Changed My Beliefs […]

  • 11. Julie  |  . at .

    i have felt almost the exact same ways. im so thankful to know that im not the only one, and that there just might be someone else out there who understands what im going through. i’ve read your other posts about the symptoms of grief, and realized ive gone through just about all of them. and feeling like you just want to let go, and jump out in front of a taxi, or off a building, id had been right behind you not long ago. but i have come to the same decision, that it might get better, and ive got to wait and see, because if i dont, im never going to know what was in store for me. i prayed countless times, and each and every time, i was answered, but i never took it in, and actually thought about each. i was living so far into my own grief, that i passed up what is supposed to help out. so now im trying to get back in the game, get back to work, and strive to achieve my dreams that were all i could think about before. of course they’ve changed now that ive lost the one i was to pursue them with, but maybe i wasn’t ready to be completely depended. i’ve got to be independant, and learn how to be strong on my own. i hope you’ve realized some of the same things, and i thank you for posting these things. you’ve been more of a help than you will ever know. you’re making it through, and so will i. can’t wait to see you on the other side.


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