Asking Questions During Chronic Pain

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Many women in pain go through a season of asking why questions. This often  results in no answers. For some this causes a crisis of belief. However, the friend, pastor, or counselor who walks with God has help[1].

“Chronic pain often leads to depression issues and hopelessness.” AG

I (as a friend/pastor/shepherd) can help bring hope to the woman in pain as she mourns her losses. Knowing and dwelling upon God’s character and predictability highlight His involvement in the life of the Believer. He has an individual plan that is personally crafted for His Beloved woman. This plan also takes into account all the losses. God is not surprised by the losses that attack His Beloved whether these losses are the result of the Beloved, man, or demons. Knowing this breeds hope.

Romans 8:28-29[2], promises that God works all things, all losses, together for the good of His Beloved. As the book of Job shows, the outworking of this good is not always understandable from the human perspective. But this does not negate the promise that good will result. One of the shepherd’s main duties is to hold out the truths of Scripture until the woman is able to take a hold of them for herself. Holding out the love that God has for His own, Romans 8:38-39, reminds both the shepherd and the woman in pain that even if the woman feels forsaken, she isn’t. Nothing can separate her from God’s love as expressed though His power and desire to bring about His good purpose in her life.

Believing this truth is what helped me most in battling the pain (physical and emotional) caused by own struggle with a short bout of chronic pain.[3] Believing this truth is what helps me to be able to stay and hear a woman sharing/grieving the deep pains/losses in her life. I don’t have many answers but I know as she co-operates with God in her healing journey, she will come to a deeper relationship with God. And one day she will see the good result from the losses.[4]           

“The truth is I no longer allow chronic pain to be something that defines who I am, or defines my life as a whole. It is something that simply IS period.” Connie

Action Steps. “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us,” writes AW  Tozer. Today’s action steps will focus on putting good thoughts of God into our minds.

  • Dwell upon God’s character. Ponder His attributes.  Journal, sing, discus or paint 5 characteristics that are most meaningful to you today. Share this with someone. Listen to them share their thoughts back. Go here,  here, and  here for discussions on God’s attributes. Go here and here for information on God’s names.
  • Read books about God. Here are a few . . . The Knowledge of the Holy by AW  Tozer . . . Knowing God by JI Packer . . . Praying the Names of God: a Daily Guide by Ann Spangler . . . Believing God by Beth Moore.
  • Memorize or meditate on Scripture. Using a Bible concordance choose a few Scriptures that are comforting, challenging, meaningful. Copy them onto index cards. Keep these with you. Whenever you need encouragement, read these cards and let God’s words flow through your mind.
  • Prayer and praise . . .“Praise is a basic way to express our faith and to strengthen it; and strengthened faith is no small benefit. From cover to cover the Bible shows us that faith-or trust-is the basic response God is looking for. Faith moves God to reveal Himself to us and do His mighty work in us, as well as for us. Faith brings victory that changes our circumstances or [brings] victory in the midst of circumstances that don’t change.”

 “It’s not that praise is a sort of magical incantation that makes us strong in faith and maneuvers God into doing what we want. Rather, through praise we focus on God. We fix our inner eyes on Him with a basic trust in Him. Our praise springs from this simple response of faith, this simple choice to believe God; and praise in turn increases our confidence in Him.” 31 Days of Praise: Enjoying God Anew (pp 113-114) by Ruth and Warren Myers

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  • [1] This help comes from the Holy Spirit.  

    [2] Genesis 50:20 makes the same promise.

    [3] For 18 months I dealt with a back injury that left me hurting more days than not. I was fortunate that the injury did heal and the pain (for the most part) is gone.

    [4] Of course I cannot know when she will see that good. I just have God’s promise that it will be so. Therefore, I need to be careful to not put a timetable upon how and when God works in an individual’s life.

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    Theology Impacts a Woman Experiencing Chronic Pain The Power of the Word in Song

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