What’s the Name of This Quilt Block?

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 I came across 49 quilt blocks while going through some stuff in the garage. I hand sewed these when we lived in England (about 1988-1993). Every year all the mums of the local playgroup would sew up these blocks. One talented quilting mum put them all together and then quilted it. The finished quilt was raffled off to earn funds for the playgroup.

Do you know the name of the block?

scottie dog








The scottie dog material is leftover from a dress I made for my daughter when she was about 7. I even made a little doggie pin from the material. The red velvet middle is from a Christmas dress for my daughter I found at a thrift store when she was a toddler.

How should I put this quilt together? Like the below picture? Or should I outline each flower with a solid color?

050I had forgotten all about these blocks. I enjoyed basting the material to the paper octogon pattern. Then deciding which pieces to put together to make a complete flower was a challenge. When I look at some of the blocks now, I wonder what I was thinking! Evidently my taste has changed.

It was hard for me to just sit and watch TV. I liked to have a project in hand like this one or cross stitch.

I’ve never put a quilt together before, so any information is welcome.

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  • 1. Lorna  |  . at .

    I have no quilting advice, but your blocks are beautiful! They will make a lovely quilt. Good luck!


  • 2. Elizabeth Symington  |  . at .

    Now that you have a photo of the blocks, do you think they still need an outline? Sometimes photos can help us see things differently. Looking forward to snuggling with the blanket on the couch.


  • 3. lynette  |  . at .

    I didn’t know you quilted, I think they are just lovely.


  • 4. northernquilter  |  . at .

    Many people call that block “Grandmother’s Flower Garden”, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it has a number of names. I’ve seen them sewn together, as you have shown in the photo.
    I personally have appliqued the block onto a solid color background square and sewn the squares together.
    You may no longer like the color choices, but if you choose a solid background, you can easily update these blocks.
    Good luck and enjoy!
    Northern Quilter


  • 5. Theresa  |  . at .

    I’ve always known it as Grandma’s Flower Garden too. I love the one with the little dogs! Usually they are just put together like you have in the picture and blend together or create a new pattern together that way. It creates a lot of visual movement. Outlines break up the visual movement or re-direct it. Sometimes that is good and sometimes not. The way you’ve designed them, many of them already have a solid row of blocks around the patterned blocks. I think they look great! They aren’t too “matchy matchy” but they aren’t chaotic either.


  • 6. Connie  |  . at .

    I know nothing about quilting but being rather linear by nature I say either outline them or applique them on their own square. Like one’s life each is it’s own chapter, the outline or backing, creates the compilation….but hey, what do I know…great job either way!


  • 7. susan2009  |  . at .

    Lynette, Thank you. I look forward to finishing this. I hope to start after retreat in June. So far no quilting going on, just sewing some blocks together. 🙂

    Elizabeth – you are right the photo does help. I think it does look okay without the solid border. I look forward to snuggling too.

    Northern Quilter – Thanks for visiting. I hadn’t thought about appliquing them onto a square piece of fabric. That would take care of my “how do I finish this thing” question. It’s funny, some of the blocks I really don’t like, my daughter does. I think I now tend to be less experimental in my colors and patten choices. Hmmm. That’s not necessarily a good thing.

    Theresa – Thanks for your comments. I never thought of looking at block placement that way. I was just trying to spread out the more vibrant blocks so that they were not all congregated into one corner. 🙂

    Connie – love how you explained your choice – poetic. I was just thinking this morning how those blocks are indeed pieces (chapters) of my life. Some of which were painful. But when integrated into the whole of my life (the finished quilt) add beauty, lessons, growth.



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