5 Ways to Help a Grieving Friend

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146120_saying_good-byeOne of the most helpful things we can do for a friend at such a time is to stand by that friend in quiet confidence, and assure him or her that this, too, shall pass. . . Once it is realized that our concern is genuine, then the quiet assertion of our confidence in God’s continuing care and concern will assist tremendously in the friend’s recovery.” (Granger E. Westberg. Good Grief, page 32).

 Some other helpful actions include:

  1. Mainly listen.
  2. Touch/hug and pray with her, if/when appropriate and/or wanted.
  3. Get comfortable with her tears and intense emotions. Don’t try to talk her out of her emotions or minimize her loss.
  4. Let her talk about the topic of her choice. Don’t change the subject.
  5. Let her grieve as long as it takes. Don’t put time expectations upon her.

Think About It

  • Which of the above actions are you comfortable extending?
  • Which one(s) do you like receiving?
  • What action will you do today?

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