Journal Exercise to Complete Before Retreat

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1182879_woman_writing_in_the_agendaBefore I attend a retreat, seminar or class, I take a few minutes to write down my expectations. This helps me to be more focused during the event. I am going on a women’s retreat in a few days, I’ll be doing some thinking & writing.

What are my expectations and hopes regarding the following . . .

  • The topic?
  • Myself?
  • The ladies?
  • God?

Being intentional about my actions will help me receive some of the benefits I want from retreat. Below are some ideas.

Topic – What do I want to learn and use from this topic? When/where/with whom will I go over my notes from the sessions? Complete the Boundary Building . . . On Your Own pages? Talk with others? Journal?

Myself – What do I need? ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Quiet? Rest? Play? A listening ear?

Friendships – This weekend will I be making a new friend or deepening an existing relationship? During the free time? During meals? While driving to and from retreat? Will I spend some time playing? Asking questions and really listening to the answers? Sharing what’s on my heart?

God– What do I need from God – a Word of encouragement, direction, wisdom and/or healing?  When/where will I set aside time to spend reading, praying, journaling, being quiet?

We always have a booklet at retreat. It has notes from the sessions, resource pages, etc. The above questions will also be in the booklet so the ladies attending retreat will have the opportunity to answer the same questions.

Your Turn . . . What are some questions you’d ask yourself to get prepared for retreat?

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  • 1. lynette  |  . at .

    I like this very much. I’m going to work on my expecations on Thursday.


  • 2. lynette  |  . at .

    See my blog for my journaling notes:)

    How ya doing with retreat prep?


  • 3. lynette  |  . at .

    Part 2 for my prep is up.


    • 4. susan2009  |  . at .

      Thanks for sharing your answers, Lynette. You gave me some things to things about.


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