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Nov 5 & 6 Photo of the Day 055When I participate in Operation Christmas Child, I do so as an adult on behalf of the children in my life: my 2 adult kids and my 5 nieces. I fill a box because I’d hope someone would do the same if one of my “children” was in the same situation. Like one year, I donated 2 shoeboxes to a boy and girl the same ages as my children.

Another year I made up boxes with my three nieces who attend CNC. As I fill a box, I pray for God’s help in picking the items. I also ask God to bless the child and bring joy and salvation to him or her

One word that describes the situation of the children who receive these boxes is lack. Because of things like famine, drought, earthquakes and war these innocents lack adequate housing, healthcare, water, food, family support, toys, and school supplies. I can’t do anything about most of these lacks, but I can help by providing toys, school supplies and hygiene products.

So I join with others in Operation Christmas Child because I am a parent and an auntie.

I also do so because I am a missionary. A missionary is a person who intentionally spreads a faith often accompanied by charitable work, usually in a foreign country. Operation Christmas Child fits that bill. They consider each person who fills a box as a missionary because our work of filling a box provides an opportunity for a child to learn that God is good and that salvation is available to them.

As you fill boxes with your children let them know that they too are missionaries.

Franklin Graham, founder of Operation Christmas Child, says one of the most important things we (missionaries) can do is to pray as we fill our boxes. Let’s ask God that the child who receives the box and discipleship material that Operation Christmas Child includes will lead the child to know God’s love and salvation.

These boxes go into remote locations and are delivered by dog sled, bicycles, donkeys, and camels. This gift of a shoe box opens the way for the gospel to be shared which leads to hope. These children who experience so much lack desperately need hope. Our boxes provide that hope.

Consider today how blessed you and your families are. I know that for some of us, filling a box is a sacrifice. Maybe some of us can get together to fill a box? But do consider what a huge impact that sacrifice will have in the life of a child who knows lack in so many areas.

Here’s my prayer.

Father, Thank you that Operation Christmas Child  is one way we can bring joy, hope and salvation to children living in hard circumstances. Help us to discern what to put in the box and how much to spend.

Father, we ask that you would bring extra money our way so we can participate generously in this missionary opportunity. Thank you for the many blessings you have given us. Help us to give in response to those blessings. I ask that you would pour your love into our hearts so that they are captured by the fervor of spreading the gospel. Amen.

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