November 12 – Photo of the Day = Gratitude

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nov 12 photo a day 001I am grateful for prayer! Many people from work, home, church and other friends prayed for me yesterday. I had an interview to be licensed with the C&MA. Four men interviewed me (mainly) about my life (practices, character, spiritual formation, etc.) and doctrinal stances.

On Tuesday I had a mock interview with pastors Bill and Frank and I was (knots in the stomach) NERVOUS all during that time. Of course I thought yesterday would be more of the same.


I was nervous, but was able to relax into the guided conversation. I even had the opportunity to fine-tune some of my beliefs. I.e “Sanctification is the process of becoming holy” and  “The resurrection vindicated the cross.”  And I was reminded of one majour thing: Knowing Scripture from memory is vitally important.

So thank you to all who prayed. It REALLY worked. I was calm, except at one point when I said, “Let me breathe a minute. I’m starting to hyper-ventilate.” My brain didn’t freeze up. And I wasn’t struck by holy lightning when I confessed I didn’t know an answer.

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