November 13 – Photo of the Day = Gratitude

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I am grateful for the internet. It has some helpful and inspirational information. Below are some sites I amnov 13 photo 007 grateful for.

13 Posts Geared Towards Gratefulness

  1. 10 Things To Be Grateful For And Why You Should Be by Annabel Candy at Get in the Hot Spot. Annabel also shares 3 things you can do to get into the gratitude habit. Buy a notebook to write your list in. Send yourself a gratitude email. Tell someone your list and ask what they are grateful for.
  2. Brenda Arnall is recording the blessings in her life on a weekly basis. One newly designed scrapbook page each week features a new blessing. Click here to read a listing of her blessings.
  3. 365 Days of Gratitude Photoblog. The purpose of her photoblog is a reminder that “there is beauty in all the little things.” Click here to see a cool picture of a fly on a fly trap plant.
  4. Writing thank you notes is an idea I like. Writing 365 thank yous in a year is an idea I really like. The author of  Thankkfully Yours thinks  “writing thank you notes will help [her] feel thankful.” Unfortunately she didn’t get past day two of documenting her progress. I included this blog because I think it’s a great idea. Maybe someone I know will start such a group project which I can join.
  5. The website Attitude of Gratitude posts a picture, quote and a list of “gratitudes.” The pictures show a different point of view. These  three homes here, here, and here are cool. Many of the posts contain wisdom from or experience with AA.
  6. Peacorn, Popnuts, Soda Gum & Chewing Water is following along with the Ann Tatum’s 30 Days of Thanksgiving. I especially like this post. The photos and words are poetry.
  7. Paula’s Place, another 30 Days of Thanksgiving participant, is thankful for fresh cranberries and shares her cranberry sauce recipe. This post is a speech by Roger J. Robicheau and is is meaningful to me. Makes me grateful for the military, America and God!
  8. At Lynne’s Thoughts I read she is grateful for hearing. I concur. Noise bothers me. BUT there is so much sound to be grateful for . . . the beautiful sounds of laughter, the buzz of conversations, the wind blowing leaves, the ocean’s roar, Teddy’s happy growl, a room devoid of sound, and of course music! Lynne is also doing the 30 Days of Thanksgiving.
  9. I am grateful for every post at Sweet Nothings. Each one is a visual delight and fun to read. She is another 30 Days of Thanksgiving poster.
  10. This 30 Days of Thanksgiving poster is grateful for tea parties and has the photos to show it. I like tea parties, too. I wonder if I have time this month to have one with some special friends to show them my gratitude? Thanks to What’s He Up To Now for this gratitude  idea.
  11. Read this to see how being grateful can save you money.
  12. Living in a state of gratitude will increase your happiness. Go here to read 7 ways gratitude impacts your life. Cultivating gratitude is like how a tumbleweed grows in the blustery wind.
  13. Go to The Gratitude List to share your top 10 “gratitudes” with the world. “Gratitude is appreciation for people, places, and things, as well as, for ideas, qualities, and feelings . . .” (Macarena Lovemore). Go to this site and post your top 10. The lists are broken down according to age group.

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P.S. Ann Tatum is hosting 30 Days of Thanksgiving. She encourages us to daily share our gratitude. Click here and be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post and click on Mister Linky. Then you’ll be able  to read other participants on this thankful journey.

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