Being Grateful for the Beauty of the Moment

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CHIP Nov 14 photo a day 006I’m grateful for the beauty of each moment. Too many times there is beauty around me that I do not acknowledge or even see.

Today’s moment is Chip’s sweater. The breeze and air at the beach were cool, bordering on cold. His sweater, although a girl color, kept most of him warm. It shrunk in the wash and so doesn’t cover his whole behind. But this is a good thing. That way he doesn’t get it “wet” when going potty.

This video shows  Joshua Bell, one of the greatest musicians in the world, playing in a Washington, DC Metro Station. As you watch and read the accompanying article, you’ll notice that way TOO MANY people failed to notice and be grateful for the beauty in their midst.

Lord, help me to slow down, savour and be grateful for the beauty surrounding me.

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P.S. Ann Tatum is hosting 30 Days of Thanksgiving. She encourages us to daily share our gratitude. Click here and be sure to scroll to the bottom of the post and click on Mister Linky. Then you’ll be able  to read other participants on this thankful journey.

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