Grateful for Feelings

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I am grateful for feelings.

The Fierce . . .                        The Silly. . .                                                                                        And those that are in between.

  • While I don’t always appreciate my downcast moments, they sure do make the sweet moments sweeter in comparison.
  • Feelings alert me when I’ve crossed a boundary or allowed someone to cross one of my boundaries.
  • Feelings help me stay motivated.
  • They also help me to show actions of affection and dedication.
  • Feelings help me to take care of me.
  • Feelings help me to maintain relationships.
  • Feelings give me a clue as to what’s going on inside.

Feelings are valuable. They are not always logical. And I wouldn’t want to live without the full spectrum of feelings counter-balancing my logic and volition.

 Read on to see what some of the 30 Days of Thanksgiving participants are grateful for on this 23rd day of November. I can related to all of these. How about you?

  1. Ann is grateful for Family, Facebook, Freedom to Travel, & Work.
  2. Sara is thankful for peace. The kind of peace that is “a thing of rest, and restoration… [a] PEACE [that knows] things are working out for our good,” even when the circumstances seem to say the opposite.
  3. Lynette is Thankful for the infallible, inspired Word of God.”
  4. Here’s BJ’s gratitude list: (1) I am VERY thankful for my wonderful FREEZER. and (2) I am thankful for very thoughtful, loving children. Go have a peek at BJ’s blog. You’ll be captivated by her pictures and homey words.
  5. Jennifer gives thanks to the Lord with her whole heart. Read Psalm 111 to give thanks with her. Read to the end of the post for a scrumptious cornbread dressing recipe.
  6. The author of What’s He Up to Now is thanking people who are helping her care for her children. Today’ s honoree is grandma.
  7.  Mimi is counting her Monday blessings, a list of 5 “little” things . . . the internet, UPS pick up from home, full-service gas stations, fruit, and microwave popcorn.
  8. Knitty is grateful that her grandson (in utero) and his mom are healthy and that his parents are mostly moved into their house now.”
I’m following Ann Tatum by participating in her 30 Days of Thanksgiving. 17 have signed up to share a daily thanksgiving. Reading these blog posts gets my “grateful thoughts a flowin.”  Click here to reach these blogs and read their entries.

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