Recovery Actions for Woman in Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain/illness can be a sneaky intruder. It can sneak up on you and throw you off-balance, send you into a tail-spin, or plunge you into a deep depression. Take steps to prevent the pain/illness from taking over your life and defining who you are.

The following five steps are a good place to start.

  1. Grapple with God until peace is found.
  2. Find new meaning for living – finding and embracing a new normal. Change is not necessarily bad.
  3. Learn new coping skills.
  4. Grieve well and each time losses come up.
  5. Keep current with communication so that relationships remain strong or get stronger.

Recovery is not a one-time arrival at a set destination. The process is ongoing and ever-evolving. Life will be different because of the pain and the losses suffered. Remember you don’t have to navigate this life alone. My goal as a shepherd and friend is to help you (a woman in pain) to become healthier in spirit. Give me a call.

When we go through any significant grief experience we come out of it as different people. Depending upon the way we responded to this event we are either stronger people than we were before or weaker-either healthier in spirit or sicker.” Granger E. Westberg

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    Susan, Thank you for your Blog. It is wonderful! You understand the complexity of the chronic pain monster. I remember doing a poster a few years ago for a CP support group. I discovered that at that time there was not even a WEBSTER or MEDICAL definition for chronic pain.
    I am on the other side of my pain years and happy to be there. But being away from the experience that consumed me from childhood gives me insight to how consuming CP can be. I am drawn to work to bring greater understanding and resources to those suffering.I am going to put a link to your site on mine.


    • 3. susan2009  |  . at .

      Thanks for visiting, Mary.

      What awesome work to do. Your perspective is certainly needed.
      Your blog is a great resource. I will definitely be sharing it with those in the chronic pain group at my church.

      BTW – I saw your link to laughter yoga. I love the idea of laughter therapy, especially laughter yoga. Just thinking about this makes me smile.


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