14 Ways to Determine God’s Will

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“We can try to avoid making choices by doing nothing, but even that is a decision. Gary Collins

Decision-making is a stressful time for many. Is making the right decision causing you fear, sleepless nights and anxiety? In a recent small group, we discussed how to be in the center of God’s will. Most of us felt it wasn’t easy to find and we were feeling stressed.

“How do you know if it’s God leading you or the world?” Our group brainstormed two lists. One list shared how the world makes decisions. The other list is how Christians make decisions (according to the Bible). Sometime I will add a third column that gives Scriptural support for these answers.

Read through the ideas. What have you tried that works? What would you add to the list? Detract from the list?

Note: Not all the ideas from the world’s list are bad ideas.

Ways World Decides What To Do Next Ways Christians Decide What To Do Next
Money – What Brings In The Most Money and Benefits Which Decision Will Most Benefit My Family, Personal Mission (from God) and Church
Pro-Con List Pro/Con List: Then Match Up With Scriptural Principals And Advise
Flip A Coin Have Faith That God Will Give You An Answer
Goals List – How Achieve Them Scripture – What Does It Say About Situation?
Rock, Paper, Scissors Prayer And Fasting
Climb The Corporate Ladder – Follow Whatever Step Is Next Find Out All you Can About The Situation In Order To Make An Informed Decision.
Just GO – Do The Next Thing That  Comes To Mind Open/Closed Doors
Emotions: What Feels Good And Right Peace – Which Decision Brings The Peace Of God
Look for Signs Fleeces
Trial Period – If It Works Out Continue, If Not Discontinue And Find Another Answer Christian Media Resources (Books, DVD’s, etc)
Follow Expectations Of Others Does Decision Glorify/Please God?
What Makes Me Happy WWJD (What Would Jesus Do In Order to Please God?)
Follow Advise And Input Of Others Seek And Follow Counsel From Godly People
Horoscope/Psychic Reader Intuition (Holy Spirit Given)

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