8 Tips for Finding a Prayer Partner

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When I moved back to California my brother-in-law suggested I get into a prayer group. He said I’d need prayer support to get through the coming years well.  I have been with my prayer partner for seven years now. The past years were full of divorce proceedings, completing my BA and MA, and parenting my adult children. I have benefitted from this relationship. My prayer partner has been a friend, a mentor, and a mighty prayer warrior.

I think that every Believer would benefit from having a prayer partner (or two). Below are eight tips for finding a prayer partner.

  1. Pray. Ask God for help in this process.
  2. Know what you want. Make a list of things you want in a prayer partner:  stays on topic, loves the Lord, believes in the power of prayer, keeps confidences, etc.
  3. Read. Read A Dozen Rules for Prayer Partners, Part 1 and A Dozen Rules for Prayer Partners, Part 2 for ideas on how to structure your prayer partnership.
  4. Search. Look to see if something is already set up. I.e. If you’d like to pray for your children and their school, there might be a prayer group already in place.
  5. Observe. When it’s prayer time in your small group, church service, or impromptu prayer times, observe how others pray. Is there a person or two with whom you click? Note who brings you a feeling of safety. Who encourages, motivates, and builds your faith because of their prayers?
  6. Brainstorm. Set aside some time to brainstorm a list of possible people. At this point it doesn’t have to be realistic or possible. Then look at your names to see if these folks share any common traits.
  7. Practice. Look at your list and ask a few of your choices if they’d like to get together to pray for a onetime event. Look at this as a “date.” If it works out well, ask them if they’d like to commit to a prayer partnership with you.
  8. Ask. After you’ve prayed and done all the ground work, go ahead and ask. There might be a “no” answer. Don’t take it personally. Go on to the next person. I asked four women to pray about being a prayer partner with me. For three of them it wasn’t a good time or not something in which they were interested. But one said “yes.” And it has been a growing, powerful, exciting seven years.

Your Turn . . .

  1. Do you have a prayer partner? Why or why not?
  2. If yes, how did the partnership come about?
  3. Any tips to add?

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    Oh, I am coming back here when I have more time to really absorb your posts., I have bookmarked your site.


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      Thanks for visiting, Lily. I hope you are finding useful information here.


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    Very good site.Thanks


  • […] Source:  Fruitful Words Blog […]


  • 5. David  |  . at .

    This is a good guideline to getting a better prayer partner. Thank you


  • 6. Folarin olasunkanmi  |  . at .

    Me am not the praying one , but I want to be but I don’t how


    • 7. Noble  |  . at .

      You can join me to pray


  • 8. Patience M. Soclo  |  . at .

    I want to be a part of this fellowship


  • 9. H Lance  |  . at .

    Thank you so much for the tidbits and I deeply appreciate your posting this blog! I pray that 12 rules for praying partners in another article will do the work. Again, thank you!


  • 10. Susan  |  . at .

    I am looking for a prayer partner that can pray with me daily.


  • 11. life Coaching Certification  |  . at .

    life Coaching Certification

    8 Tips for Finding a Prayer Partner | Fruitful Words


  • 12. Diana  |  . at .

    Looking for a prayer partner to pray with daily

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    Encourage Positive Energy

    8 Tips for Finding a Prayer Partner | Fruitful Words



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