Friday’s Favourite’s – 10/22/2010

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Friday’s Fave Five is brought to you by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story. Go ahead and read other lists from this week here. But don’t be a reader only. Go here to add your own list. Leave a comment here to let us know you did,  that way we can check out your blessings too.

  1. 1. Mail in Ballot. Shhhh. Don’t tell, but in years past I sometimes let myself get so busy I didn’t vote on the one day you were allowed to walk in and do so. With a mail in ballot I can take my time to fill it out and I have w-e-e-k-s to do so. I am grateful there is a voting alternative for folks like me. Just so you know, I mailed it this morning.
  2. 2. Soap Disk You Put in Toilet Tank. Otherwise know as an automatic toilet bowl cleanser. These dudes are amazing! I’ve been using this product for a month now. The bowl is just NOW beginning to be dirty.  Before it would take at max a week and it would be all gross, even though I live by myself and I am hardly ever home to use the toilet. So you don’t get weirded out; I do clean the rest of the toilet on a weekly basis.
  3. Spunky Friend. This week I met with a friend I don’t see often, but one I’ve known for almost 3 decades. We visited for 3 ½ hours. What we shared was heart-stirring, surprising, conflicted, and honest. We connected – just like old times. You know the most awesome thing? It was cool to see EB with her SPUNK back. I am grateful to see the healing work EB and God have been doing together.
  4. Nieces. They are becoming such special young ladies. Two of them helped me with a project on the spur of the moment. And it was their idea to help. One of them invited me to her school assembly. I am grateful for the help and affection they give to me.
  5. 5. Renewed Interest in Former Hobbies. I used to love cooking, baking, and hunting for new recipes. I liked cooking for the family. Then the divorce happened and those desires vanished. I started eating poorly, even resorting to fast food meals way too often. However, this past week I made five things:  (1) Sweet Potato Lentil Stew (2) Shepherd’s Pie (3) French Toast Supreme Casserole (4) Tapioca and (5) Chicken Soup. It’s been fun and I have 4 things on my list to make this coming week. I am grateful for feeling and behaving like my old (although much younger) self.

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French Toast Supreme Casserole for 2 It’s Time! Support Women’s Ministry Because We Need Your Help.

7 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Amy @ A Faithful Journey  |  . at .

    I love to cook and love finding and trying new recipes! I made a Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie this week what was fabulous!

    Happy FFF! Praying you have a wonderful weekend!


  • 2. Jerri  |  . at .

    I’m glad for you that your interests have been renewed – definitely a sign that you are feeling better.

    It’s so nice that your nieces wanted to help you!

    I’ve started using those toilet cleaning disks myself. They ARE helpful!

    Everybody needs a spunky friend that they can just pick up where they left off in their friendship! Sometimes, you just need to have a good long heart-stirring conversation!


  • 3. Brenda  |  . at .

    Cooking and eating right really does make us feel better about things.

    Family, like your nieces, is something to be very thankful for!


  • 4. Laura  |  . at .

    Love the little story of your spunky friend! That’s great. Kudos to you for doing all that cooking.

    How nice that you’re close to your nieces. That’s a blessing.

    Have a great week ahead.


  • 5. Amy @ A Faithful Journey  |  . at .

    The recipe I used for my sweet potato shepherds pie can be found here:
    My husband and I really enjoyed it!
    English breakfast is also my hands down favorite tea, but this Sleepytime Vanilla Tea is a very close second!!

    Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!


  • 6. Blessings  |  . at .

    There is such comfort in preparing home cooked meals!
    I have a spunky friend of 45 years, we became friends in 5th grade, we laugh,cry, and discuss things til the middle of the night if one of us needs help.
    Have a Blessed Week


  • 7. Susanne  |  . at .

    That sweet potato lentil stew sounds delicious. Good for you for getting back to cooking as a hobby.

    We just voted for city council in the last week. I don’t think we have mail in ballots for that but there was a day you pre-vote if you couldn’t go on the actual day.

    What a blessing to have a friend you are connected to even if you don’t see each other often.



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