Friday’s Favourite’s – 11/5/2010

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Another week has passed and so I get to share my five favourite blessings from this past week. Before I do so, if you’d like to share your own list or to read what other’s wrote go here. Thanks again to Susanne from Living to Tell the Story for this ongoing meme.

Blessing #1 – Tea House Outing. 3 gal pals and I met up at Lindy Lane Tea House. It has cute decor. We were in the Teddy Bear Room. They have tea and tea novelty gifts (candles, floss, pins, etc) for sale (at a good price too). The servers were friendly.  I thought the price high for the amount and type of food; the soup was cold, scone was dry, we received tiny portions of cream and jam, and the service was s-l-o-w. However our time together was great. I enjoyed getting away from my normal routine to visit with two old friends, Lisa and Ann. I rode with Gillian who is a newer friend. Besides talking tea (she’s from England) we talked about her business, family, food and blogging. These are my favourite topics! I think this tea-cup booth is adorable.

Blessing #2 – Productivity. Saturday morning Marsha and I hot glued  the clock magnets to the year’s calendar of events for women’s ministry. Then Barbie came over to bake with us for the next day”s breakfast bake sale. Barbie made her first ever pie crust which was the foundation for pumpkin pop tarts on a stick. My back and shoulder were in a lot of pain so I napped on the couch until dinner (delishchili). Then we watched the last several innings of the Giants vs Rangers.

Blessing #3 – Successful Bake Sale. I was impressed with the variety of foods folks brought to the women’s ministry breakfast bake sale. We had the requisite quick breads and muffins. In addition we had things like jams, struedal bites, bacon-cheese pinwheels, hard-boiled eggs, breakfast cookies, turkey cream cheese croissants and fruit yogurt parfaits. All this generosity yielded $320.00. This will go towards retreat scholarships.

Blessing #4 – Surprise Visitor. Just before heading home after church, I listened to the voice mail message on my phone. It was my son from SF. He was waiting for me at home. I was so glad I bought some goodies at the bake sale so I actually had food to feed him. We took a walk at Hagan Park with Chip (the dog). It was wonderful to hold Tim’s arm and visit – just the two of us. Well, Chip was there but he didn’t add anything to the conversation. Once home, the three of us took a nap. Some traditions, like a Sunday nap, should not be messed with. I need an updated photo of my son. It’s a sad state of affairs when I have more photos of the dog than the boy.

Blessings #5 – Trick-or-Treating. After the nap, we went to my sista’s home. The nieces were going trick-or-treating. They didn’t know Tim was in town so it was fun to surprise them too. Before heading out for the great candy haul, we met the Lynch Family at In-and-Out for dinner. We carpooled to the fabulous 40’s section of downtown. Oh, my what a CROWD. These homes are decorated for the Halloween holiday and tons of people were there to appreciate the mood these neighborhoods created. I know I appreciated it! Plus they give out the good candy according to my nieces.


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  • 1. Brenda  |  . at .

    Those pumpkin pie tarts look pretty amazing, but they look like a lot of work too. Did you sell these at the bake sale?

    I bet trick or treating in the Fabulous 40’s was fun. I’m ashamed to admit I turned off the lights in my house because I didn’t want to miss any of the game to give out candy. I don’t know when I became a baseball fanatic . . .


  • 2. Willow  |  . at .

    How much fun it is to get a call from your son telling you he’s home! I’m glad you were able to enjoy his company for awhile.

    Have a great weekend!


  • 3. Laura  |  . at .

    That tea cup booth is so cute!

    Sounds like you had a great week. Here’s wishing for a great one ahead, too.



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