5 New “Things” at Women’s Reception Makes it Better Than Ever: Sat., Feb. 12th, 2 pm, Rudat Hall

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This year’s World Focus Weekend for women is different.

  • There is not a formal tea this year.
  • You do NOT need to bring anything except yourself and a friend.
  • Come prepared to enjoy a yummy hors d’ oeuvres spread. Some of the food will be Arabic.
  • Rob and Mary-Jo Towns will lead us in musical worship.
  • Rachel Greenfield is our speaker. She will share with us why she lives and works in Jordan and how we can help.

Read on to get to know Rachel a little better.

7 Minutes by Rachel Greenfield

Because my children are determined to make sure I don’t have more than about 7 minutes of personal time per day, I attempt to use those 7 personal minutes taking a shower and changing out of my pajamas (though honestly there are many days that one or both of those don’t happen!).

I took my 7 minutes a few days ago and read an awesome blog post and I LOVED it! It was on a day I had browsed through the aisles of Old Navy, had a Starbucks specialty drink that didn’t cost 1/4 of my paycheck and watched a mom in an SUV pull up to the entrance of Target and drop her three girls off to run in
and get an icee. They came out giggling and jumped into their Swagger Waggon, complete with a soccer ball on the gas cap, and I just started feeling sorry for myself… and then started feeling sorry for my kids.

Since I felt like allowing myself to wallow, I began dwelling on all the things they are going to “miss out on” because of the life we have chosen, superficially icees, Target, Costco pizza (now one of Noah’s favorites) and soccer leagues. But they will also miss out on grandparents, cousins, church in English, Sunday School… and there are times this makes me really sad.

But then God sends a special reminder like this post along and I realize we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Be sure to attend the Reception to hear more of Rachel’s story.


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  • 1. BlessedMama  |  . at .

    She sounds like a neat lady. Why no tea this year? I’d love to come, but it’s Georgia’s birthday, so I can’t fit it in. I hope everyone is blessed!


  • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

    Rachel is an awesome mom and friend. So sorry to miss you at the event. It didn’t work out schedule wise to have a tea. We’ll probably have one next year.



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