This Covert Op Doesn’t Require You to Be Buff, Bilingual, or Brainiac

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If I ever get super buff, become bilingual, and find my memory, I am going to sign up as a spy. I love the idea of covert operations, of sneaking around doing heroic stuff that no one knows about. Changing, protecting, and saving lives. That’s what I want to do.

But until that happens, I have found a good substitute. I have signed up as a Secret Sister 2011. Prayer is definitely heroic. Much of the time it is to be done in secret. There is no doubt of the power and effectiveness of prayer. It changes, protects, and saves lives.

CNC ladies (18 years old and up), you too can be part of this covert operation. Click on the appropriate link and fill out your Secret Sister form. This is the secret sister form 2011 pdf. This is the Secret Sister Form 2011 online form. You still have time to turn it in to Marsha before the Sunday, February 15th deadline.

And you don’t have to get fit, be language savvy, or even remember a lot in order to be part of this awesome team. And you can even wear your super hero cape, if you’d like.

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  • 1. Pamela  |  . at .

    I would go on a stake-out with you anytime! I’ll bring the capes!


  • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

    That would be so fun!


  • 3. 'Reggie Williams  |  . at .

    I like your analogy! Maybe Secret Sisters should be called “Spy Sisters”.. Just kidding.


  • 4. susan2009  |  . at .

    That would be fun. Spy Sisters is a good name. Should would appeal to my need for excitement.



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