10 Ways to Show Your Love

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Love is more than a feeling. It is an action. It is a purposeful action. As you engage in purposeful actions you show others that they are important. You  show that you love them. Below are 10 ideas you can use to show CNC folks that you love them.

  1. Encourage someone. Do this by a kind word, by a phone call, or by sending a card.
  2. Give food. Join the Meal’s Ministry by filling out the Meals Ministry Sign Up Form, bring something to  Neighborhood Meals, make a special meal for your family, or take dinner to a neighbor.
  3. Good works. Do a good deed for someone. Ideas include the following: vacuum, do some gardening, run an errand, babysit, wash the car, read a book out loud.
  4. If you don’t tithe, start. Ponder and pray about why you don’t tithe. If it is because of fear, go here. Even a small amount helps pay the church’s bills and salaries.
  5. Practice hospitality. Invite someone to your home for tea or a home-cooked meal, Or take them out to eat. Go here and here for more ideas on hospitality.
  6. Pray for the attendees, staff, and ministries of CNC.
  7. Really Listen. The next time you have a conversation with someone, give them your undivided attention. This action says, “You are my friend.”
  8. Sponsor someone: (a) a woman for the June Retreat (click on the Women’s Retreat Brochure 2011), (b) a youth for Winter camp, or (c) any female for the April 30th walkathon. The $ will go towards building a women’s center in the Middle East.
  9. Use your spiritual gift. If you don’t know what it is, go here for a free online test. I’d love to talk with you about the results.
  10. Volunteer. There are opportunities available in the youth, children’s, and nursery ministries. You can also help in the kitchen (make coffee, buy the donuts and bagels, put out the food) on Sunday mornings, or clean the pews during the week. There’s more than this! Let Roberta know what you’d like to do and she’ll direct you to the correct person.

What loving activity does God want you to pursue? … Or what have you done this week?

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