I’m Not Letting Fear Make Decisions For Me

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“Do not fear” is used in the Bible many times (between 62 and 365 times depending upon whom you cite). God, angels, and men said those words to many people in many types of situations. People were fearful and needed reassurance that they could handle the situation. And even today people need the same type of reassurance.

I, too, have many fears. I fear heights, public speaking, horror films, getting in over my head, and talking to strangers. Too many times I’ve let “fear make my decisions for me.” I haven’t relied upon God to give me His strength, wisdom, peace, and empowering to do the things He’s asked me to do.

Oft times I haven’t relied upon my own abilities. This is mainly because of three reasons. (1) I’ve seen where I’ve failed. (I’m a procrastinator.)  (2) I’ve seen where I didn’t do such a great job. (I’m a perfectionist.) (3) And I’ve seen people do unpredictable things. (I want to control them and the situation.)

Well, no longer! My motto for this year is “Out of my comfort zone and loving it.” Each month I will list what I’ve done that is outside my comfort zone. Some of these things won’t be actual “fears,” but things that I’ve been reluctant to do because … well … it is something new, something out of my comfort zone.

I am striving to do more than move past my fears, I want to enjoy the process. I want to know the reason why I can do these things.  I will share January’s list of “Out of my comfort zone and loving it” on Saturday. Normally I will share last month’s list on the first day of the new month.

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  • 1. sillydoodah  |  . at .

    You go, Woman! 😀


    • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

      Thanks for the encouragement. I think you are great at living an adventurous life and not letting fear stand in the way. You are definitely a role model.


  • 3. claudiawjohnson  |  . at .

    How often are you posting? Also, do you moderate your comments? Do you get any Christian “bashing” comments on your post? I’m new to posting and doing the post a day. Want to know your thoughts on these things. Would prefer to send an email.


  • 4. susan2009  |  . at .

    I have a goal of posting daily but it actually come to 2-3 times a week.

    Right now I have something set to print every day for two weeks. And I have posts scheduled for when I am gone March 1-19.

    Sometimes I get extra motivated to write. I write posts and then schedule them to go live for future dates.

    I have gotten one ugly comment which is why I started moderating my comments.

    I am sending you an email. It would be great to “talk” more.


  • 5. Sandra Cowell  |  . at .

    Thank you for sharing SO honestly.
    I think one of my biggest fears is being transparent with people. I try to be “what I should be” instead of who I am, most of the time. I am afraid, I think, of not being liked. If people don’t like who I am pretending to be it’s not as hard to take. There is nothing left to hide behind when you are completely transparent.

    Maybe, I will work on being more transparent. After all GOD made me special… and for a purpose… just the way I am!


  • 6. susan2009  |  . at .

    I love your honest sharing as well, Sandra.

    Yes, show others who you really are. You are special and made that way on purpose.

    I have not been disappointed by the you I know. 🙂

    BUT. I do understand how hard it is to be transparent. I also want to be liked.


  • 7. Lisa notes...  |  . at .

    This en”courages” me too! Thanks for sharing.


  • 8. susan2009  |  . at .

    Cute way of expressing that Lisa. I sometimes forget that encouragement is meant to give us courage not merely motivation to move forward.



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