January’s “Out of My Comfort Zone and Loving it”

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Fear has kept me in its grip for too long. No, more! My motto for 2011 is “Out of my comfort zone and loving it.” For an explanation of what this monthly post is about, click on this link. Below is January’s list of OMCZ.

Attended vision party. This actually happened in December 2011, but I attended because of the motto I would be embracing in 2011. I attended this by myself and besides Barb, one of the event organizers, I did not know anyone. I am so glad I didn’t let my fear of not knowing anyone and fear of making an “art project” in public keep me home. Since I am a highly visual processor, the vision board that I made has been helpful in keeping my 2011 goals in mind. I look forward to attending other events that Barb Wilber organizes. Yes, even if I have to go by myself.

Gave my first sermon in church. I knew that my material wasn’t heretical since Pastor Mike looked it over. I knew that it had a good flow because my preaching class colleagues critiqued it. I was fearful because of having to deliver this in front of people! I was afraid I’d stutter. I was afraid I’d sound so nervous that folks would concentrate on me instead of the message. Know what? I didn’t throw up, stutter, or ruin the experience for others. I felt God’s presence and I did okay. In fact, I am semi-looking forward to the next time. (In time I know I will love it!)

Huge undertaking at work. I have taken on more responsibilities in children’s ministry. This is out of the comfort zone for someone who likes to be an independent worker and do it all myself! In truth, to do the job well, I need God’s help and people’s help. It has been amazing how many folks have come alongside as volunteers. It has been amazing to see God’s hand in all the details coming together!

New way of eating. I am on the anti-inflammation diet (for most days). I avoid eating processed foods and too many carbohydrates. I’ve added more vegetables, lean meats, and soups to my diet. While this new way of eating doesn’t make me fearful, it is out of my comfort zone. I have to be intentional about out what I eat by having a food plan and by having the food available. I can no longer rely on cereal or granola bars. I need to find new comfort foods (no more tapioca pudding or sweets).  I have to put effort into making healthy food and cooking new types of recipes just for me. (Making healthy food wasn’t a struggle when I had a family to cook for.)

Your Turn . . .

  1. What have you done in January that was out of your comfort zone?
  2. How did you let fear make a decision for you?
  3. What fear-busting activity do you hope to do in February?
  4. What do you hope to learn by doing this activity?

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  • 1. claudiawjohnson  |  . at .

    In January, I started the postaday challenge with wordpress. It has put me in a very vulnerable position, posting every day. I’m continuing in February.

    I like your diet idea. I may try something similar this month! Let’s see what God is wanting to do with us all this month!


    • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

      Awesome that you are keeping up with the challenge especially since you don’t post short ones!

      It will be an adventure for us seeing where God leads. 🙂


  • 3. Sandra Cowell  |  . at .

    Gosh, Susan!!! You are SO VERY AMAZING! I am inspired, my friend. I don’t have anything quite as intense… but I can share this:

    I signed myself up for the creative pay-it forward… which is a streach because deadlines make me nervous… and sharing my work is always a fear. It feels like sharing an intimate part of myself when I share a creation.

    I also (started at the end of 2010) have asked for help with childcare for my prenatal doctor appointments. I usually take the littles with me and just try to do it on my own. I have allowed myself to let my friends love me the way they always try to.

    It has been such a blessing to my heart… and the world did not end because I asked for help and received it. Go figure. LOL


    • 4. susan2009  |  . at .

      I am proud of you too. It will be fun to do the Creative Pay it Forward with you. Maybe we can even create together?

      I feel the same way about sharing what I write with others. It is an intimate part of me too.

      Isn’t it great when we see how the people we know NOW really do want to be there for us?


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