Love is in the Air for this Friday Five

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Some people boycott Valentine’s Day. Others embrace the soppy sentimentality and are devastated when their significant other blows it off. And still some use this as an opportunity to talk about those they love.

The RevGals blog falls into this last group. Our Friday Fave is to tell about five people we love, people who will remain in our “heart” forever.
This verse goes with the writing assignment . . .  I John 4:7 Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God…
I am soooo blessed to have a huge boatload of folks (today) who will remain in my heart forever. But since I can only choose five, I will pick the oldest of these friendships.
  1. My kiddos. Can’t pick one over the other. Both are special to me in different ways. I am proud of both. I will love, defend, encourage, and pray for them until I die. I am blessed to admit that they encourage, support, and love me well.
  2. Carol (husband) and Ruby (wife) Fellers. They also come as a package deal. They knew me before I was born. Ruby carried me out of the hospital at 3 months old because my mom was too nervous to carry her preemie (aka “that damned baby” – there is s story to that which  will tell sometime) outdoors for the first time. A precious memory I have of Carol is us making his mom’s jam, pear honey.
  3. Jo Lay. We lived in England from 1988-1993 in a small village called Levington. One of the neighbours who befriended us right away was Jo. Jo and her family provided us with friendship, family, fun, and nurture. I wrote a post about what she means to me here. There were other dear folks in that neighbourhood, but I spent the most time with Jo, probably because we were both stay-at-home moms.
  4. My sista and her family. Another group that I cannot split and rank. They ALL make this cut as people who will remain in my heart forever. These wonderful folks helped me make it through the toughest time in my life (a divorce). They have continued to love me and my kiddos through many a dark time. They went above and beyond. And their care has made a HUGE difference in my healing.
  5. Louise Mohrhardt. I moved a lot while growing up, about every 18-24 months. When we were in Puerto Rico (middle school) I met Louise. Our dads worked together (Bechtel) and we went to the same private school in Ponce. We had the same immature outlook on life, got stuck in the apt elevator, and talked a LOT. Then my family moved to Texas and Louise and family to Canada (her country). Several years later my family also moved to Canada. Would you know that on our first day in Fort McMurray while shopping in the drug store, I ran into LOUISE! We spent the last two years of high school together. She helped me survive both middle and high school!!

Your Turn . . .  Who will remain in your heart forever?

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  • 1. Hazel  |  . at .

    Special people in our lives are always a blessing. Guess I can relate with you in some way with England (love that beautiful country!) and being divorced (I am too).


    • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

      Thanks for visiting, Hazel. Maybe someday we can “talk” about some of our commonalities. 🙂 BTW – Love the song you featured on your blog today.


  • 3. Gattina  |  . at .

    I love to keep contact with people I have met a little around all countries.
    Mr. G and I never celebrated Valentines because it just didn’t exist when we got married ! and now we are too lazy, lol

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    • 4. susan2009  |  . at .

      Hi Gattina, Welcome. You probably have done a good job showing your husband how much he means to you without needing a holiday. 🙂

      So glad you had some sunshine for a change. I hope it is sunny today too.

      Our day is looking bright, sunny and no wind. It will be a perfect day for the ladies of our church to gather, have refreshments and hear a speaker on why she lives and works in Jordan.


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