5 Reasons I Love Travel

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I’ve been fortunate to travel to Colorado (1 x), Oregon (2 x), Jordan (2 x), Jerusalem (1 x), San Francisco (many times), New Zealand (1x), and India (1x) since 2007. There are many things I love about travel. I will share 5 of them today which are not presented in any particular order.

1. The actual travel part. Whether it’s by train, plane, bus, or camel, this part is a highlight for me. I like to use this time to read, watch movies, talk with my companions, take photos, and dozily think/sleep. I even like the part when we have to wait on buses to clear the border or in airports waiting for our next connection. Truthfully when I was on the camel, I was afraid and didn’t think, sleep or talk much and I took few photos.

2. Food. I’ve tried new food on my travels. I remember tasting my first lamb shawarma (Jordan), fried calamari (New Zealand), and Bubble Tea with tapioca pearls (San Francisco). Lamb shawarma is out but  hummus (sometimes even home-made) and carrots are a regular part of my diet. I found out that I like a wider range of seafood than I originally thought (in addition to calamari, I like tarakihi, blue-nose, and giant prawns). I used to say when someone asked me what I’d like for dinner, Anything but liver. Now I’d add “no bubble tea.” My food choices have provided laughs, bonding, some sickness, and fun to the travel experience.

3. Souvenirs. I enjoy shopping, so buying souvenirs is a given. Looking for the perfect gift for someone back home is a meaningful time because it connects me to the one for whom I am buying. It gives me a bridge to talk about my trip. And it helps me think about where I’ve been and what was so special about it. Finally I’m hoping it gives the recipients a taste of my travel adventure.

4. Change. Travel brings with it a novel experience. There is a change of pace. My focus is different.  This modification in environment, expectations, and routine helps me to focus on the new events, people, and places before me. Thus I am encouraged to think new thoughts and try new things. Not only is there is change in my environment, change happens within me too. Somehow I become a more well-rounded, more mature person because of travel.

5. Time with others. I either have companions with me or I am traveling to be with companions. This new venue (for me anyway) allows me time to spend on the relationships without work deadlines, cell phones, and the day-to-day schedule. We can play, chat amiably, think seriously, or be quiet for extended periods of time. We are able to focus on the relationship minus competing distractions or priorities.

Your Turn . . .

  • What do you like most about travel?
  • Do you agree or disagree with any of my thoughts?
  • What has been your most unforgettable mode of transportation? (Mine was the camel ride in Petra.)

This is the 12th post in the “5 Reasons I Love . . .” Series. Go here for the original post which explains how this idea came about.  The next post in this series is 5 Reasons I Love Summer.

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  • 1. Gillian Rouge  |  . at .

    I love when it when I finally get to sit down on the plane that’s going to take me to my destination. Packing is done, along with all those other chores that have to be taken care of before going away. Now I can finally get that good book or magazine out and relax – I’m on vacation! Like you, trying new foods is one of the things I enjoy most about travel. I like to research restaurants ahead of time that I might like to go to. And my most unforgettable mode of transportation: Probably long, long ago, on vacation on one of the Greek Islands with a boyfriend. We rented a little moped to get around the island. Very fun at the time, but when I think about it now, it’s a little scary – especially remembering some of those narrow, winding, dirt roads.


  • 2. 'Reggie Williams  |  . at .

    I love how travel exposes me to new environments and “change”–like your change of pace. I have always enjoyed seeing the cultural differences that travel brings me, along with the geographic ones. Maybe it’s part of growing up in a military family and moving often, but travel feels very familiar to me. I crave it.

    As far as unforgettable transportation:
    1. Two in China– a rickshaw ride through the streets of Beiing when I left my tour group (without them knowing) being led by a complete stranger. The other was a crowded van ride, sitting on the engine hub and climbing through narrow streets to reach an ancient temple.
    2. Although the mode of transportation was not unforgettable, the memory was. Often we see things on tv or pictures in the media that capture us. I remember arriving in Paris for the first time and being in the car to our hotel when we went through the same tunnel where Princess Di had her car accident. It was almost surreal. The driver didn’t say anything about it, but I had known from following the story. It was an eerie feeling to go through there.


  • 3. claudiawjohnson  |  . at .

    Now you’re on a roll. The posts are flying out faster than I can keep up with them. I’m so glad you loved the trip! I’ve not yet been to New Zealand but have been to Australia. There are some delicious Shawarmas here but we go for Chicken. I think you might like them. Bubbly tea is pretty good here too, so yes, you must come over on your next trip! Thanks for sharing! Sounds like a lot of fun had by all!



  • 4. Piglet in Portugal  |  . at .

    I don’t enjoy travelling…there is too much hassle getting to the airport, parking the car, secuirty at the airport and then sitting in cramped seats…I just get really stressed. When I arrive and am settled then I begin to settle.


  • 5. BlessedMama  |  . at .

    I’m iffy on the whole travel thing. I do not like to fly, so that limits me. But, I’m also content to be at home, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out. But kudos to you! I love the blue pillow you have. And, yay, for hummus and carrots!!


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