Letter Writing Meme Take Two

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Jan at Yearning for God found a meme I wrote on my blog March 16, 2008. I decided to retake the meme and wrote my answers below. Then I compared them to what I wrote in 2008. I am pretty boring as my answers were similar.

1. What was the last letter you wrote? To whom? The occasion? Was it a letter or more of a note? I wrote a whole slew of thank you cards. Many people have helped me during my healing period (broken shoulder). There wasn’t a lot I could do at times, but I could always write a thank you note.

2. Do you prefer writing with a pen/pencil or with a mechanical device like a Blackberry or computer? Right now I like writing with a black gel pen. I like the way it glides across the paper so full of ink.

3. Do you prefer receiving handwritten letters/notes over email? Or makes no difference, it’s all communication. I prefer handwritten communication. I like the imperfections, the art work that some doodle, the physical feel of the paper, and being able to reread the message without turning on my computer.

4. Do you save your hand-written letters? Why or why not? Describe a special letter that you’ll never toss. I save all the letters I receive. I always had this idea that I would put them in a scrap book along with a pictures and other special momentos of the writer. As I age I see that I will probably never get around to doing that. I am decluttering my possessions. And I am strongly tempted to toss many of these letters. I don’t reread them and when I see them I think about the project I haven’t done.

5. What kind of paper do you typically use? Envelope? Stamp? Embellishments? I usually use yellow paper from a legal pad, if I write a letter. Lately I’ve been making my correspondence fit onto the note card. Sometimes I will make my own envelope out of pretty paper or adverts that have come in to mail.  I do like to embellish the envelope with stickers and/or puffy paint. I usually use stamps that come out of the machine at the post office. With all the choices out there, this is pretty lame.

6. What is the most unusual letter you’ve ever sent? Received? Last year I sent a wooden postcard. I haven’t received anything unusual.

7. What was the last handwritten letter/card you received? From whom? The occasion? How did it make you feel? I received a whole slew of get well cards the past several months from friends at church. I felt loved, liked, prayed for, and remembered. Some made me feel tender and some made me laugh. I taped some to the side of the bookcase that I stared at a lot during my convalescence. I put the rest on the counter next to the chair I hung out in.

Tag 4 people and then write one of them a real letter! Let’s inundate the postal service with some “love”mail. I tag Brenda, Claudia, Elizabeth, and Theresa. It is so hard to guess who is a letter/card sender. But anyone reading should consider themselves TAGGED.

Be sure to visit Jan and say hello. She has some pretty interesting posts at her place. Here are a few posts I really enjoyed.

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  • 1. claudiawjohnson  |  . at .

    OH, this is very fun! I like your letter writing idea! I think these days I do so much better with email. I do love all of the letter writing supplies including those hot wax seals with initials on them. I’ve never bought one, but I always look at them in stores! I’m so glad that you’re feeling better! Have a great summer, Susan!


  • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

    So good to hear from you, Claudia. I forgot all about those hot wax seals. I used to have some many years ago and I enjoyed using them.


  • 3. Jan  |  . at .

    Susan, it was fun to read your new (and familiar) answers. I love that you like to use the mail service! Yesterday I bought a roll of postcards stamps for our upcoming trip. Since my hands are not hurting as much, I am able to write again, so I look forward to sending friends postcards. Email me your snail mail address, and I’ll send you one, too!

    Thank you for all the kind words and links to my blog! I’m glad we “met.”


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