5 Reasons I Love Summer

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What’s so special about summer?  Can you name five favorite things? Are these  favourites current or favourites from a different era of your life?

Birthday party at the beach for my daughter.

As a kid and when I was a mom with school children, I loved summer time. The schedule was less hectic, the weather was agreeable and so we spent more time outside, and we always did things out-of-the-norm like camping,  trying new recipes and crafts, extended visits with friends, and lots of reading.

Now that I am an empty-nester (no children or husband)  I’ve realized that my favourites have changed. Here they are in alphabetical order.

1. Adventures. I like going to the beach with my kiddos (who are adults and don’t live at home anymore).  I could go by myself, but I am a bit of a chicken to drive by myself in San Francisco. When my kiddos were younger we’d go with my mom to a water park. I should see about going with some of my girlfriends. Another summer adventure I like is going to the drive in. Unfortunately I usually only go once, but maybe this year I will go more times. What adventures are typical of your summers?

2. BarBQue. I could eat BarBQued foods every weekend. When I had a grill I did – even into the winter months. I often eat a Sunday meal with my sista and her family. In the summer it is usually BarBQue. I don’t have a favourite meat. Many times I make side dishes like potato salad and/or green stuff (instant pistachio pudding with stuff in it). Several weeks ago I made an orange jello side dish. We may like it better than green stuff. I need to expand my repertoire of summer side dishes. Care to share  family a favourite?

3.   Clothes. The warmer weather means lighter weight clothes. Summer means the clothes are made with  cheerier colours.  This cheery look always lifts my spirits whether I am wearing it or those around me are summer coordinated.  I am losing weight and soon I will go on a shopping spree. What summer clothes are your favourite? Do you wear clothes according to season?

4. Produce. The fruits and veggies available during summer (from home gardens, at the farmer’s market and grocery stores) are tasty, fresh and nutritious. Who can resist vine-ripened peaches and tomatoes? Fresh veggies in pasta primavera. Chilled, chunks of watermelon or bbqed chunks of zucchini, mushrooms and onions are a great side dish. Do you have a garden? What is some of your favourite summer produce and why?

5. Sunshine. During California summers the sunshine is pretty much a given. There is sunshine from early morning until late at night. This sunshine leads to an abundance of flowers, an abundance of energy, and an abundance of natural light at home and work. Sunshine (though not the heat) makes me happy! What are your feelings about sunshine? Does the lack of it make you sad?

Thanks to Lisa from LisaWrites for sharing her five favorite things about summer. (I got the idea from her for this post.) Lisa explains her inspiration for this post:

It being July, smack dab in the middle of summer, and me being weary of summer and that weariness making me cranky, I thought I’d once again remind myself of things that are good about summertime, favorite things, things worth listing and expressing gratitude for.

Your Turn . . . What are your feelings about summer? Go ahead and list some of your favourite things.

This is the 13th post in the “5 Reasons I Love . . .” Series. Go here for the original post which explains how this idea came about.  The next post in this series is 5 Reasons I Love My Pet.

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