Grateful for Encouragement

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Encouragement makes such a difference in how we are able to keep on keeping on amidst the dailyness of life.

Therefore today’s Friday’s Fave Five will express gratitude for the encouragement I receive.

I am grateful for the encouragement I get from . . .

1. Medical people – I have been discouraged because my physical therapist and doctor said that I would not get much range-of-motion after 3 months (from the time of the break in my shoulder). It is now 2 weeks past that 3 month date and my shoulder is still quite restricted. And I am unwilling to accept that diagnosis.

A friend of a friend is a physical therapist. Last week this physical therapist spoke with me and said. “Do not give up! I have seen improvements, huge improvements, up to 1 1/2 years after an injury or surgery.” And she said this wasn’t an isolated case.

Yesterday I went to a CMT (2nd time) and as he was working on me he said, “Oh, I can tell you haven’t felt good for a very long time. We can change that!” Now that’s what I want to hear. Encouragement. A little sympathy goes a long way too. 😉

2. Work – My boss is very supportive of what I do and isn’t shy about expressing encouragement and giving me ideas to follow-up on. Our office manager is a gem when it comes to helping out the staff. Twice in the past week she has designed something for me. It looks so good. I know that people will pay attention because of the professional quality of her work.

3. Friends – Isn’t it encouraging to have friends …. Who share their bounty of fresh fruits and veggies? Who can meet up with you for an unexpected coffee-run? Who at the end of a phone call say, “May I pray for you before we hang up?” Who are new bloggy friends and send you a postcard from their vacation?

4. Study partner – My 15-year-old niece and I have put in 7 hours (right, K?) studying together. She is studying for AP classes that start mid-August. I have been mainly writing/reading for consecration. (Although a few hours did go towards a work project.) Having this regular time with K has encouraged me to stay focused and to put in the time towards consecration. The snacks are helpful too.

5. The Word – Each week I study a different book of the Bible for our 66 Love Letters small group. This week’s book is I Kings. I am seeing again and again how much God loves me (you) and how patiently He helps me (you) live a right life. It encourages me to know that He won’t give up on me (you).

Want to share your gratitude about the encouragements from your week? Do so in the comments or link your post to Susanne’s weekly meme at her site Living to Tell the Story.

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  • 1. Barbara H.  |  . at .

    So glad you’ve had encouragement on multiple levels this week.


  • 2. Willow  |  . at .

    You’ve had an encouraging week–medical personnel, friends and bosses, all helping and encouraging! That’s great!


  • 3. Faith  |  . at .

    sounds like a great week for you with the medical, work, and friends…..good friends are a treasure from the Lord for sure!!


  • 4. Brenda  |  . at .

    Medical issues can be so discouraging! I’m glad you got some good news this week.


  • 5. hiddenlives  |  . at .

    You’ve given me the seeds of my own list to think about today – thank you!

    I’m sorry your shoulder is taking so long to return to something closer to normal. One of mine was near frozen and though it took about a year to come back, I’ve got my range of motion again (my own marker of improvement was being able to manage a certain undergarment without having to require either it or me to become a contortionist) 😉

    Regarding Bible study- I was reading Matthew, and on the space of one page, twice read Jesus telling a suffering person “Courage” (some translations say “Take heart”) Whatever version, the message is there and I don’t think it was a coincidence.



    • 6. susan2009  |  . at .

      That is encouraging to read, Hidden Lives, that your shoulder did indeed recover. I am waiting for the time when I, too, can put on all under-clothing quite easily. I am becoming quite the contortionist but that is a talent I don’t wish to master or share with the world. 🙂

      I love that the WORD is so timely in showing me what I need. The message of “courage” is one I have to keep hearing. My motto for the year is “Out of my Comfort Zone and Loving it.” That takes a lot of courage on my part.

      I pray that today is a day of peace and joy.


  • 7. Susanne  |  . at .

    Your looking for encouragement made for a real encouraging post! :v) Loved this.


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