A Few of My Blessings

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Full week of people, events, and blessings, especially blessings. Here is a sampling of my blessings. 

  1. Celebrating. It’s always fun to celebrate people. I had the opportunity to attend a birthday party for a dear friend. I am grateful for these external events that remind me to enjoy and celebrate the lives of my friends.
  2. Habit. It’s never too late to learn new habits to make life easier and to improve one’s health. I want to prepare my work clothes and lunch the night before. I did this all week. I am not a regimented person so I am grateful that for one week I did this.
  3. Life. I am grateful that life all around is good right now. I have a job that is fulfilling and a good fit. I’m involved in a small group that is gelling in regards to openness, spirituality, and friendships. I belong to a church that is healthily involved in people’s lives. I continue to grow, heal and mature in my emotional, spiritual and intellectual life.
  4. Movie. I saw The Help at the $5 (on Tuesdays) theatre. The movie was as good as the book. It was thought-provoking, humorous and powerful. It was powerful in how words can make a huge impact. And it was powerful in how personal and societal change happens through one relationships at a time. I am grateful to live at a time (in America) when race doesn’t determine who your friends/social hierarchy are and gender doesn’t limit your vocational options.
  5. Reading. Since I broke my arm on April 16th, I haven’t had much of a brain or interest in reading especially for fun. However this past week I finally picked up a book (Pilgrim’s Progress) and read some every day. The only other book I’ve read these past months is The Help. Pilgrim’s Progress is not the easiest book to read (even though it is retold in modern English), but I am enjoying the read. I am grateful I am once again involved in a hobby that informs, amuses, and changes me.
To share your own blessings go to Susanne’s meme, Friday’s Fave Five. Or you can leave a comment here expressing what you are grateful for this week.

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  • 1. lynette  |  . at .

    so happy things are all around good right now. Habits are hard to start and easy to break. I try to get things ready the night before also to make the mornings easier. Loved, loved the birthday celebration. Thank you a million times over. The company, twinkle lights under the trees with my friends is the best blessing anyone could have.


  • 2. Susanne  |  . at .

    I loved the Help, both the book and the movie.

    Starting new habits can be hard but it sounds like you are well on your way! Celebrating things in friends and family’s lives is truly a blessing.


  • 3. Willow  |  . at .

    I’ve heard so many positive comments about The Help. I do want to go see it soon.

    It takes 18 days to establish a new habit. You’re MORE THAN 1/3 of the way there 🙂


  • 4. Ellen  |  . at .

    Hi Susan! I love celebrating people and events. I’m glad you had fun doing that. I’m looking forward to seeing the Help. It just seems like something I’d enjoy. I’m also really looking forward to the Fall lineup of Bible studies and small groups. Have a great weekend.


  • I am so awful in the mornings, that was the only way I could survive. I had to have everything lined up and organized before I went to bed. (It’s easy to tell that I worked midnight shifts for over a decade!)
    I’m so glad you were able to enjoy friends, a movie and that you got some reading in, too. I can always tell when I’m going to flare with my lupus because i can’t sit and enjoy a book. My brain can’t stay focused.
    Enjoy this happy season in your life!!


  • 6. Brenda  |  . at .

    I always lay out my work clothes and make my lunch the night before, I could not cope any other way. I’m hoping to go and see “The Help” sometime soon, I like knowing that you enjoyed it.


  • 7. blessedmama3  |  . at .

    Hey, what a great list! Making things ready the night before can be such a big help. Congrats for sticking to that for a week. Also, I read Pilgrims Progress to the kids last year – what a great story! Love to talk about it with you when you’re done.


  • 8. claudiawjohnson  |  . at .

    Funny, I wanted to see read The Help. I saw it in the stores when back in the States. I’m helping children do Pilgrim’s Progress in chapel right now. I’ve been using the easy version. Hey, I’ve a personal prayer request. Please keep me in your prayers right now!

    Happy Sunday!



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