5 Reasons to Not Decorate for Holidays

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Do you have to decorate for a holiday in order to fully enjoy it?
If you look at the holiday displays in stores, the answer is yes. If you look at the sales numbers for such items, the answer is yes.

Did you know that Halloween is the 2nd most decorated holiday with Christmas being first?  There are massive amounts of decorations for Thanksgiving, and of course, Christmas. Someone is buying all this stuff.

I propose that you don’t have to decorate in order to be and feel festive. Below are 5 reasons not to do so.

1. Stress. Most women I talk to say it’s “their” job to decorate their homes for the holidays. They feel overwhelmed as it is. This extra task is often not enjoyable simply because it is ONE more thing to do during a busy time. You will free up your time and have less stress if you skip this holiday task.

2. Not practical. Many people go overboard with their decorations spending time and money they can ill afford to spend. All this work for such a short time to enjoy. This is simply not a practical way to spend an excess amount of time, money, and energy.

3. Temptation to buy. It is certain that all these store holiday vignettes are beautiful. They fill us with cheer and bring back good holiday memories. How tempting it is to add one more yard decoration to our supply or a new
holiday tablecloth with matching napkins. These vignettes tempt us to add items to our to-buy list. If you don’t decorate, you can more easily say “NO” to more spending.

4. Storage. How many boxes of decorations are needed to make a home festive? With each new trinket that comes into the house, there is something else to store. Most homes don’t have excess space to store more stuff especially for something that is used one month out of twelve.

5. False advertising. The store holiday vignettes are meant  to evoke happy feelings of joy, inclusion, and comfort. The stores hope that these feelings will induce you to buy their product so you can create the same scene at home. The problem is that scenes don’t bring lasting joy, inclusion, and comfort. Relationships are the key, not decorations.

Your Turn . . . 

Maybe you don’t have an issue with any of the above. What reason would you add to this list of why not to decorate for the holidays?

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  • 1. Gillian  |  . at .

    I don’t love to decorate for holidays. I never decorate for Halloween any more since the kids left home, and actually Halloween is probably my least favorite holiday. I was shocked when I went into the new Joann’s in Folsom yesterday. There was not one Thanksgiving item in sight – only Christmas decorations. Decorating for Christmas is a chore for me. It starts with having to talk my husband into getting the boxes down from the attic – and I’m usually the one who has to stand at the bottom of the ladder and catch those heavy boxes! Then there’s the question of what to do with all your ornaments, trinkets, picture frames, etc., that have to moved out of the way in order to make way for the decorations. Those have to be squeezed into closets, drawers, cupboards, with the hope that they can be found again once the Christmas decorations have gone away! And there’s only one thing worse than getting all the decorations out – putting them all away again. Having said all that, I think I will miss them if they are not out. If only Santa’s elves would come one night and decorate for me while I am sleeping!


  • 2. lynette  |  . at .

    Some years I love to decorate for Christmas, but then the putting away of normal stuff and the taking down of decorations is such a chore. I have often chosen to put less up. There are simple things you can do if you don’t have the money or the space for storage. Most of us have so much stuff we can find ways to repurspose those things at Christmas for a little holiday sparkle. I have done different things over the years in addition to the tree. You given me an idea for a post.


  • 3. Faith  |  . at .

    Most of the lawn ones are super tacky!! that is my main reason for keeping it simple…clear white candle in each window and around the post on my front stoop….just the evergreens and white lights…classy and simple. no blowups for me!! i mean really what the heck does tigger have to do with xmas??? lol



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