Pre-Thanksgiving Week Praise

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Another opportunity to share God's blessings.One more week until the “official” Thanksgiving Day 2011 is here. But thanks to Susanne from Living to Tell the Story, every Friday is “thanks-giving” day. To share your list of five blessings link up here or leave a message on this post.

Here are my fave blessings from the week just passed.

1. Healing. Yep, I am healing again and doing quite well. This time from a spider bite. The injury was about the size of a dime and is on my right shoulder/back. Not sure what kind of spider, but the initial look of the bite freaked me out a bit. I am also grateful for the folks (family and friends) who helped put medicine on my back. Another couple of days and all will look normal.

I won’t post a picture because when I did so on Facebook many were grossed out. It’s funny what others consider gross, I consider interesting.

This soup is amazing! The secret ingredient (apple cider) is a must.

2. Cooked. I SHOCKED my daughter and pleased my sister and her family because I made dinner for them last Sunday night.

Many, many times I go to Sista’s home for Sunday lunch and/or dinner. It felt great to be able to give BACK to them. I made Tortellini Sausage Soup from Kate at Our Best Bites.

In a word? TASTY!

In Kate’s words . . . “This is my go-to meal to take to friends who are sick or sad. I make it for my family when we’re celebrating–I mean, really, there’s no bad time to make this soup and I’ve yet to find someone who doesn’t just about die with happiness when they eat it.”

3. Remodel. The emergency remodel on my bathroom is…

He looks so big but is really the length of a ruler and weighs less than a bag of sugar.

DONE! It was supposed to take 3 days. It was finished in 19. It is good, good, good to be back home. Chip is finally settling back in and not being “freaked-out” dog. (Sigh of relief and gratitude.)

I can’t show you a “finished” photo b/c I have misplaced my camera. But I can show you a photo I took on Monday  (before losing said camera) of Chip amongst the Fall leaves.

4. Teenagers. Last night I had the awesome pleasure of helping out with CNC’s senior high youth group. It was an awesome time for 3 reasons.

The worship was awesome. We sang about 7 songs. The extended praise time was very encouraging to my soul.

The topic was awesome, Deborah from Judges 4-5. I asked the girls what is something from this chapter that is applicable or encouraging.  One gal said, “Well I’m used to being surrounded by strong women, but . . . ” Isn’t that great! She saw the biblical Deborah and many other females in her life as strong!

The girls in our group were awesome. I appreciate their honesty, insight, and spunk. These gals care about God AND others!

5. Writing. For 17 out of 18 days I have written something for my blog. Some have been polished and are posted. Most need polishing. One unpolished writing was accidently published for about 3 seconds before it was unpublished.

At least a dozen tips from Gillian about making and freezing basil pesto

Gillian from Foodie in the Kitch and I have joined forces with hordes of others for the National Blog Writing Month (a.k.a. NaBloWriMo).

Check out Gillian’s latest article on making and freezing basil pesto. How many useful tips can you find in her post? Look at the basil photo caption for my answer.

One of my nieces now has a blog and is excited about writing. She wants to be a journalist and photographer when she grows up. I’d say she’s already a writer!

I am writing today’s FFF because this family writer wrote her own FFF. Of course I had to follow suite.

I was going to skip this week’s FFF because of feeling tired and uninspired. So glad I didn’t give in to feelings. Because the feelings I now have are ones of gratitude!

Some things I’ve written and purposefully posted during NaBloWriMo are as follows: 

Your Turn  . . .  What’s on your thanks-giving list?


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Wheat-free, Egg-free, Dairy-free Recipe/Tips Website (updated links, info, & photo) Traditions – theme for CNC’s Women’s Christmas Party: 1-3 pm, Saturday, Dec. 3rd in Rudat Hall

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  • 1. karen  |  . at .

    Soup and bread is one of my favorite suppers. Glad to hear you healed nicely!

    I’ll have to check out the post on basil pesto. Hadn’t occurred to me to make my own!


  • 2. Ellen  |  . at .

    Glad you are healing. Those weird spider bites can really be scary looking. That soup looks delicious. How fun to bless your family with it. Whoopee for the completed bathroom. Enjoy your weekend.


  • 3. Lisa notes  |  . at .

    Spider bites can leave some wicked sores behind. My husband had one on his ankle not long ago, but it’s much better now.

    Your soup looks delicious. Chip is adorable.

    I love praise and worship. It always nourishes my soul too.

    Glad you didn’t skip WWW this week. A good list!


  • 4. Jerri  |  . at .

    I’m definitely going to try the Tortellini soup – it looks awesome!

    It’s great that you had a good experience working with the teenagers. Youth leaders are SO needed!


  • 5. Barbara H.  |  . at .

    Glad you are healing well. I got some kind of horrid bite on my foot a few months ago, and I think it must’ve been from a spider. Awful stuff.

    It’s neat you got the opportunity to cook for someone who usually cooks!

    When teenagers worship — it’s a special time. Glad you all had such a good session.

    I know what you meant at the end about feeling some times like not posting a Fave Five due to feeling uninspired, but feeling uplifted when you do.


  • 6. Carrie, Reading to Know  |  . at .

    Well, that spider bite doesn’t sound very fun at all!

    But that soup!? It looks DELICIOUS! (Apparently we’re both playing catch-up with FFF as your comment just came in as I was typing this one! ;D

    Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!


  • 7. claudiawjohnson  |  . at .

    Sorry about the spider bite! When it rains–it pours. Sounds like you had a great time at the youth group.



  • A spider bite? Ouch! I’m glad you’re mending! Congratulations on so much blogging. I’m glad that you decided to do a FFF, too.

    That soup looks really good. I’m going to have to print that recipe for a nice cold weather dinner.

    I loved reading about the young ladies in your youth group!

    I hope you have a happy week, and a nice Thanksgiving. 🙂


  • 9. Brenda  |  . at .

    That soup looks so yummy, especially with this rainy weather we are having. I look forward to having soups all winter long and have a list of the types of soup I want to make on my iPhone 🙂

    The one post I never skip in a week is this one, its so good for me to count my blessings!


  • 10. Melanie Lopata  |  . at .

    Spider bite! My stepdaughter got one when she was about 7 yrs old, right above her lip. It turned infected and gross and now is scarred. And my cousin-in-law’s son is in the hospital now for a spider bite. It’s scary!

    That soup made my mouth water…literally!!!

    Glad you had a chance for writing. I’ve had writer’s block lately, also not much time TO write, but getting back into it.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!



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