Telling 7 Random Things About Myself (2011) B/C of Receiving The Versatile Blogger Award

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I’ve been given The Versatile Blogger Award by Claudia from Brain Caviar. I think in my case it’s since I can’t figure out a specific niche to write for, I am all over the place! But being called “versatile” is much nicer than being called “unfocused.”

Thanks, Claudia for this award. I am so glad that we somehow connected this year. Was it through the WordsPress Postaday? I have been constantly amazed at your faithfulness, creativity, and openness on your daily posts.

One of the requirements is to list 7 random things about myself. This was hard to do since I’ve already written about “me” a LOT on this blog.

For instance  . . . 

After some thinking and thinking some more; I came up with the following 7 things.

1. I LOVE to start projects. Not so good at finishing them. I’ve all kinds of self-shame and received shame from others about this. I’ve lots of UFP’s and you should see how many drafts I have for this blog! Then I read this book, Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher, and it has changed how I view myself and my “problem” with finishing things.

2. Breakfast is my favourite meal. I will eat just about anything for breakfast (soup, baked potatoes, sweet and sour pork, or pie (especially chocolate). But I will not typically drink coffee or eat a raw apple at breakfast time. Both tend to upset my stomach. I like this recipe for Banana Stuffed French Toast. But my go-to breakfast is oatmeal with nuts, banana, vanilla yogurt and cinnamon (no milk or sugar).

3. I am an internet surfing addict. Doing a Swagbuck (or Google) search is something I do at least once a day. Hours can be consumed in this pursuit of information. I love the availability of information literally at my fingertips. Today I looked up “how to make paracord survival bracelets,” “How to make ocean themed room,”and “Where to find Fisher Price Little People Nativity set.”

I have another blog, “What I Looked Up Today” where I put down these tidbits of info. You can’t read it though because all the posts are in draft form and will stay that way.

4. I like to collect snowman ornaments. I started this about 10 years ago. I give 3 of my nieces and daughter a snowman ornament each Christmas. I buy the same one for me. That way when I die, my son can have one too. Right now he is not interested in getting a yearly ornament. This year (November 2011) my daughter, son, 3 of my nieces, and I made snowman ornaments.

5. This past fortnight, I’ve weighed less than what my driver’s license states. At least 5 times! The scale numbers are going in the correct direction – DOWN. I don’t know that I’ve ever weighed less than it says.

6. I like henna tattoos. My daughter has given me these types of tattoos twice. Since I am fair-skinned they show up well. I especially like to have my feet and palmc tattooed.

7. I have a compulsion for watching Christmas movies. In 2011 I have watched 15 new movies so far.  I have watched about 15 “usuals” like The Christmas Card, Snow Globe, White Christmas, and Elf. These are some I have in my personal collection. I have about 10 more on my list to watch. Thanks to Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, and Hulu you can watch this genre year round.

NOTE: Another requirement for The Versatile Blogger award is to Nominate 10-15 fellow bloggers. Those nominations are coming soon.


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  • 1. Elizabeth  |  . at .

    Congrats mom! Nice job on your intro. I didnt know you have a secret blog. So sneaky. I love it.


  • 2. claudiawjohnson  |  . at .

    You are amazing. It’s been fun getting to know you through this blog. Merry Christmas to you, your sweet family, and your little pooch. I pray you have a wonderful season of blessings!


  • 3. jennyarnez  |  . at .

    Congratulations, Sista!



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