Friday’s Fave Five for Dec. 23rd & Dec. 30th

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I let these past two weeks go by without writing a Friday’s Fave Five for December 23rd. Since I don’t want to lose sight of the blessings that occurred, I am writing 2 lists in this one post. I realize that this FFF (December 30, 2011) is also late.

5 Blessings from December 16th-23rd.

1. Farewell Thanks. Jessica, the director of our church nursery, is letting  someone else have the opportunity of running this ministry as of 12/25/2011. She has faithfully, gently, and capably been director for 3 years or so. (Neither of us are good with dates. Maybe Lynette can tell us.) Jessica has provided vision, prayer, and love for the young children, their parents, and the teachers. She will be missed in her leadership role, but she and her husband, Jeff, will still attend CNC.

2. Lunch Treat. Pam is known for her culinary skills. On Tuesday Pam brought in all the fixings for a Mexican food repast that did not disappoint. Cake pops rounded off the meal. We were able to feast for 2 days on the sumptuous fare and had plenty to share with a family. We all thank Pam for her generosity, care, and cooking skills. We ALL felt spoiled.

3. Daughter arrived/ movie watched. Thursday I picked up Elizabeth. She stayed for a whole week and oh did we do a lot! (post of this later) Elizabeth let me open an early Christmas present: a stack of Christmas movies. In case you didn’t know, I’ve been on a Christmas movie watching diet. We watched Eve’s Christmas. It was a fun movie with a typical ending (happy) which I am quite glad to see each and every time. NOTE. Elizabeth is pictured here with her new haircut (a Christmas present).

4. Christmas cactus blooms. I usually don’t pay much attention to the plant, but at this time of the year I do because it blooms! And I think about my mom since it was her plant. I feel a bit of connection with mom during this season. She’s been gone 10 years now and I still miss her especially during the holidays.

5. Tree decorating. I love doing this. I helped 2 friends (Geri and Lori) decorate their Christmas tree. I’ve known Geri for at least 20 years and she’s the one who taught me about decorating. I bet Geri has decorated thousands of trees in the past 20 years (among other things she’s a floral designer). Geri’s tree was mainly decorated with various types of stars.

Also this week I helped Lori with her eclectically decorated tree. Isn’t it meaningful when you see, year-after-year, the ornaments the kiddos have made?

BONUS.  Tangerines straight from the tree. I have to mention this one. A huge perk to living in CA is the availability of fresh produce straight from the ground or in this case, the tree. I received a bag of fresh fruit before leaving Lori’s home.

5 Blessings from December 24th-30th.

1. Tradition. For the past 10 Christmas Eves I have had a Chinese dinner with Robbie and Edward. We always go to the same restaurant. We always go after the Christmas Eve service at church. It is always at least us three. My daughter usually joins us and did so this year. I always feel loved, supported, and liked.

2. Music.  (A) I got a private recital from Em. She is playing Christmas carols on her viola that she figured out by ear! I admire her tenacity and talent in doing this.

(B) My nieces got a dance game for their gaming unit for Christmas. My son (the only boy cousin and the oldest) took the opportunity to dance to the music with them. It was fun watching their silliness. I appreciate that Tim doesn’t mind doing “girlie-looking” things with them.

3. Time together. One thing we did was go to the $5 movies to see We Bought a Zoo. I enjoyed the movie and the time with my daughter, sista, and her family.

4. Son’s girlfriend. Daniella joined us for the Christmas Day festivities. She joined in with playing, visiting, and laughing. (and of course eating) It was wonderful to get to know her better.

5. Church. I loved having the time to focus on the meaning for the season on both Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. When we lived in England my family and I always went to church on Christmas morn. I went to a midnight service with my neighbour Jo many years. (Can’t remember if I did that every year I lived there.)

If you haven’t written out some of your blessings from the last week(s) of December, do so now. Join up here with others who did the same. Thanks again to Susanne from Living to Tell the Story for hosting Friday’s Fave Five.


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