One Month Winter Bucket List Check Up

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Here is what I’ve done on my Winter Bucket List since December 22, 2012.

Artistic. I printed out an owl calendarbut have to redo it because I made it too small.. ..  ..  I made snowflakes to decorate the walls for 3 areas in Children’s Ministry wing at church. Scroll down to see one of the snowy scenes my niece (E) and I created.

Baking. I gave my niece (K) a choice of making a fabric flower barrette (on my Fall Bucket List) or baking/cooking something. She wanted to bake. So we made her award-winning California Orange Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Cooking. I did one round of once-a-month cooking. I made sweet potato enchiladas, meatballs and pasta, sweet potato shepherds pie, and chicken tortilla soup. My daughter was here when I made these. Instead of putting them all into the freezer, we ate about half of it.

Health. I have surpassed my goal of having a green smoothie for breakfast (3-4 times a week). It has been every day; 21 days now..  ..  ..  I have eaten mindfully every day/night. As a consequence I have lost 6 pounds..  ..  ..  I made toothpaste with my daughter.

Home. I decluttered one shelf from a home bookcase..  ..  ..  My daughter helped me to pick colours for my living room. We matched it to one of my favourite mugs. I am hoping to paint the next time one of my kiddos comes to visit.

Movies. I’ve watched 3 Christmas movies: Bush ChristmasBlack Adder’s Christmas Carol, and Holiday in Handcuffs.

Office. With my daughter’s help I rearranged my office, bought a rug, curtains, and frames..  ..  ..  I decluttered books from one whole bookcase in my office. The bookcase is now in Pastor Mike’s office (in the closet)..  ..  ..  I set up a tea area in my office. I have had tea, on average, 2 times a week.

Photos. I took photos at the ice rink in Rancho Cordova..  ..  ..  And I have taken a weekly self-portrait.

Savings. I emptied my pink, plastic pig and rolled $162.00 worth of coins. This money is for a trip to Disneyland in Fall of 2012.

Spontaneous Trip. On January 17th, on a whim, Chip and I went to the Bay Area to celebrate my son’s birthday. After eating at Revel Kitchen and Bar, Chip and I went back to Elizabeth’s place and spent the night.

Writing. I’ve post 24 times on my blog. This does not count the advertising I did on my blog for small groups and women’s events. My goal was 25 times in the 3 month period.

Wow. I am pleased with what I have done so far. 

Your Turn . . . 

  • Do you have a Winter Bucket List? If not, it isn’t too late to do one.
  • If yes, what have you done so far?
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  • 1. karen  |  . at .

    I like this idea of a seasonal bucket list. I may have to give it a try. I make lists for everything else, to keep me organized and productive. This is a great idea!


  • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

    This is the 3rd time I’ve done one (Summer and Fall also). I like this better than resolutions for the year. I think this is because the time frame is shorter and because I’ve been monitoring more what it is I’ve been doing.

    If you do one, Karen, Let me know how it works for you and if you ahve suggestions.


  • 3. Blessedmama  |  . at .

    Wow, you have done so much in one month, I can’t believe it! Oh, I’m feeling woefully unorganized. And, a tea table in your office? What a wonderful way to indulge yourself in one of your favorite activities. (I can’t do the tea this year at church b/c the girls have two acting performances that day…) Anyhow, er, um, eh, who’s Chip? Inquiring minds want to know!


    • 4. susan2009  |  . at .

      LOL. Chip is my almost 20 year-old doggie.He died a week after this post. 😦

      I missed you this year at the tea.Yesterday I made ginger cookies that are gluten– dairy-, and egg-free. So yummy. Maybe I will bring some to the tea next year for YOU!


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