I am a Saver

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I like to save for projects, events, trips, things. I like to save in a physical place I can immediately access, like in piggy banks. I currently have 2 plastic banks.

The pink pig is savings for a trip to Disneyland. The white plastic container has $ for car payments. Once I get a year's worth, I will look into getting a new (to me) car.

I like the pleasure of plopping the money into the bank. I don’t know why I put a dollar bill into the pink piggy bank. I imagine it will be tough to get out.

And in the case of the car payment jug, I like drawing a black sharpied “X” when I accumulate a month’s car payment. Every time I get 2 months worth of car payments, I  put that $ into a specified savings account in my bank. (Otherwise I am too tempted to spend it.) So in reality the car bank is empty, but the “X’s” sure tell a lovely story. Maybe I should get some car stickers to use instead of exes.

Penny by quarter and “X” by “X” I am getting closer to my goals.

Your Turn . . .

  1. Do you save up for special items? 
  2. Do you use a piggy bank or a real bank? 
  3. What are you saving for?

NOTE: This is the 11th photo in my series, A Winter of Self Portraits. When I was brainstorming a list of items for my Winter Bucket List, I came up with the idea of taking 12 self-portraits.

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  • 1. orples  |  . at .

    You are smart to save ahead for your purchases. I am sure you save a fortune in the interest you are not paying by financing your wants and needs. That is something we should all think about. 😉


  • 2. Annette W  |  . at .

    Oh, I really like the sticker idea instead of your X’s! 🙂


  • 3. Annette W  |  . at .

    No…we don’t particularly save for big purchases…not the best, I know.



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