Theological Bucket List

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I have been doing well crossing off items on my bucket lists as opposed to a general life to-do list. I think it’s because the bucket lists have been seasonal and have fewer items. I don’t accomplish everything on my list, but I know that won’t happen when I dream up my lists.

So I decided to dream up a Theological Bucket List too. Not everything I want to do is on this list. This is the first layer. After I accomplish a significant number of items on the list, I will re-think and re-dream and see what’s next.

Here is my list . . . 

Books …

  • All books by C.S. Lewis
  • All my books on prayer and write one thing I learned from each
  • Declutter my theology books (especially if I have them on Logos)
  • Go through Case for Christ for Kids (with someone)
  • Read all “religious” books I own
  • Read or listen to The Hole in the Gospel
  • Write or find a good first study book for kiddos who become Believers

Luci Swindoll

Hear a specific preacher/teacher in person …

  • Henri Nouwen
  • Luci Swindoll
  • NT Wright
  • JI Packer


  • Greek – to read New Testament
  • Hebrew – to read Old Testament
  • Spanish – so I can use in ministry

Memorize Scripture …

Music …
  • Learn 12 Hymns
  • Learn 12 current praise songs
  • Learn to play praise songs on guitar

Spiritual disciplines …

  • Tithes/Special Offerings (Donate a paycheck)
  • Fast and pray on a regular basis (determine what is my “regular basis”)
  • Go  through spiritual disciplines book with a group
  • Organize and be part of a mentorship/discipleship group or pairing (with/for ladies)

Topics to study …

One place I’d like to visit is the Dome of the Rock.

Travel …

  • Extended visit to Israel – do study ahead of time, plan photos
  • Follow the journey of Paul’s travels
  • Rome

 Reflection …    

  • Take a life inventory, journal, pray, and fast. What changes, if any, do I need to make?
  • Take spiritual gift inventory again and journal, pray, and fast. What changes do I need to make, if any, regarding doing His Will about my gifting(s)?
  • What is the “impossible” that God is wanting to do through me?
  • What things are holding me back from fully engaging in the life God has planned for me? (Ie. weight, stuff)

I’d like to help people who are hit by a natural disaster. I want show help in a practical way and let them know that God loves them and is working on their behalf.

Volunteer … 

  • Short-term Missions trip – How can I be a long-term encourager after I get home?
  • Visit/Help Astrid (Asia) or Kelly (Africa)
  • Volunteer after a disaster
  • Volunteer for 3 months overseas

Your Turn . . . What would you put on your theological bucket list?

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  • 1. orples  |  . at .

    You are a very ambitious young lady. I wish you the best of luck in getting every thing on your list done, and then some. It appears a lot of people will be benefiting from the fulfillment of the items you have listed. Good for you! I hope you succeed.


    • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

      Thanks, Orples. I anticipate that this list will take many years to accomplish, especially the languages.


    • 3. orples  |  . at .

      No doubt, but when that little voice inside speaks, what can you do, but listen? You’ll get there. Follow your heart. And you appear to have a pure and kind heart. I’m sure the man upstairs will guide you all the way. 🙂


  • 4. Theresa Lindamood  |  . at .

    Great list! For kids Bible studies Kay Arthur has some good ones. My son has just finished the 2nd one on the book of Daniel, that he has been doing with Dad and they are starting another one on Joseph. There are some from the book of John but I haven’t seen any that are specific to children who are new believers – perhaps you’ll have to write your own! But honestly I have found the best way with my kiddos is not to assume that they won’t understand – just start reading. Then we discuss. I’m amazed at the things they do grasp that I don’t think they will. There are things of course they don’t – everyone has a different pace on the journey. I love the questions they come up with too. Some are obvious but sometimes they come up with things I’ve never thought of!


    • 5. susan2009  |  . at .

      I didn’t know that Kay had studies for children. How awesome it is that Tim does these with Daniel. I bet that Daniel is learning a lot about how to study the Bible.

      You are right about the kiddos coming up with amazing truths. When I taught the 2’s & 3’s Sunday school class (when my kiddos were 2 & 3), I was often surprised at what they shared from the lesson. I could tell that the Holy Spirit “spoke” to the kiddos.


  • 6. willowknits  |  . at .

    Susan, I love this list! I too want to go to Israel, Greece and Turkey and return to Italy–all to study the ‘terrain’ of the Bible. I’ve been to England and the visits to cathedrals and ancient abbeys were my highlights.
    Books: finish my reading of church history. That’s just a start…


  • 7. Jean Wise  |  . at .

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me the link to this post. I love your list. I never thought of listing things I want to study/read. I will have to add that one. Great ideas here. Glad we connected


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