Final Winter Bucket List Check Up

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Each season brings its own challenges and enchantments. Therefore the Bucket List for each season is also unique.

I have written seasonal bucket lists for 3 seasons now (SummerFall, and Winter). This season (Winter) is the first one where I’ve done monthly check in reports. I think I have accomplished more because of these check ins. I believe this is because of accountability, pride, and thinking about these items more.

Plus, these monthly reviews have been fun. By thinking back over my accomplishments I get to relive them in two ways. First, it is fun because it gives me a sense of worth and pride for finishing these items. As I’ve said before, I am great at writing lists and goals, but not so great at finishing them.

Second, its is fun because I get to rethink about my good times and/or accomplishments with others. I am usually focused so much on the future, next project that I don’t relive the accomplishments or good times or what I’ve/we’ve done. What a cheat that is! Especially if I was able to accomplish something only by the power of God!

Celebrating with others about accomplishments brings joy into our lives. So why do I often forego this celebration?

Read “Does Making a List Really Make a Difference?” This will show a few ways making my list public helps me to accomplish more.

When you finish reading this final winter check up post, you’ll see that I am STILL working on #3 (from Does Making a List Really Make a Difference?)

This is my final review on what I’ve accomplished from my Winter Bucket List. I had 57 items and I finished 31 of them! Maybe I should put on my next seasonal list, “Make a Reasonable Spring Bucket List.”

To see the original list, go here.

  1. To see what I finished the first month, go here.
  2. To see what I finished the 2nd month, go here.

Below is what I finished this 3rd and last month. . . . . . . . . . . 

Create –  Half points for these!

  • Finish afghan. I didn’t finish it, but I have brought it out of the closet and onto the couch. Now I have the opportunity to knit on it.
  • Change out Christmas card wreath for a photo wreath. I ordered photos.


I put 2-3 fruits into my smoothie. Some favourites are blueberries, avocado, and grapefruit. I also put in 2-3 vegetables like spinach, celery, cucumber, and carrot.

I am doing well on my two goals. Read this for my easy method to track these goals.

  • Drink green smoothies for breakfast. My initial goal was 3-4 times a week. My average has turned out to be 6-7 times a week.
  • Eat no later than 7 pm. I am doing okay on this. My night time snacking has decreased 95%.


Next Fall I hope to be able to go to Disneyland all funded by the change from my piggy bank.

 Go to this post to read how I am doing with these 2 savings. But a sneak peek answer is “GREAT.”

  • Save money for Disneyland. My original goal was to roll the coins I had saved in my piggy bank. I did that and now I am  again filling up the piggy bank for my Disneyland funds.
  • Saving Money for car payments. I am on target for where I want to be regarding this goal.


  • Take a self-portrait every Thursday. I did this every single week. Sometimes it was hard to know what to do. I like this snapshot of what who I am each week.


Renew library card. Did you know that library cards can expire? I finally took care of this and came home with only 3 books. I did have more, but restrained myself before going to the check out line. One or more of these books just might make it to my Spring reading list.

All the books I read were from my bookcase. I still have many left that need reading. Do you have any books in your personal library that you haven't read yet?

 I Read 8/11 of the books. Books read are listed below.

  • Lilah by Marek Halter
  • Sarah by Marek Halter – Don’t recommend.
  • Little House on Rocky Ridge by Roger Lea MacBride (about Rose the daughter of Luara Ingalls Wilder)
  • The Atonement Child by Francine Rivers
  • Unspoken by Francine Rivers (about Bathsheba) – Don’t recommend.
  • Unshaken by Francine Rivers (about Ruth)

Non Fiction

  • Praying Jesus’ Way by Curtis Mitchell
  • The Wonderful Spirit Filled Life by Charles Stanley


Chip didn't tolerate visiting my daughter's home very well, so I didn't go much when he was alive.

  • Visit local coffee breweries. I Went to Insight Coffee Roasters. Check out #1 at this post for some details.
  • Visit the Bay Area. I visited my kiddos 3 times during the Winter. Now I am free to go as often as I like. As long as I don’t irritate my children!

UFP’s from Fall Bucket List. Write a Theological Bucket List.

Your Turn . . .

  • If you wrote a Winter Bucket List, how well did you do in checking off items?
  • Will you write a Spring Bucket List?

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