11 Recipes & 1 Food Technique to Master

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I can steam a decent bowl of rice pilaf, chop nuts & veggies correctly, and make a killer burrito.

On my Fall Bucket List I wanted to “Make a list of and learn to do 12 new recipes/techniques.” I have finally come up with this list with the help of my foodie friend, Gillian.

Three of these food are followed by ef in parenthesis. This means I want to make this dish “Elizabeth Friendly.” Because of bodily reactions, my daughter chooses to not eat dairy, eggs, or gluten. I am slowly trying to incorporate more ef foods into my cooking style. This list is my first serious nod to that attempt. Although . . .

The filling in both pies were tasty, but I still haven’t discovered a great ef crust.

Below are the 11 recipes and 1 technique I will master in 2012. As I master them, I will add the link to the blog post detailing my victory.

  1. Baked Alaska – I have had this one time in my life. Do you remember eating this, Elizabeth? My daughter and I were attending a Girl Guide camp when we lived in England. I got to go because I was a helper in the kitchen and with the girls. One of the desserts was a Baked Alaska. It made a marvelous presentation and was quite tasty.
  2. Beef Wellington – I’ve never had this, but it looks so sophisticated. Have you had this? Was it as yummy as it looks?

    I can turn raw turkey into a roasted beauty and transform veggies and beef into a delectable Dutch oven meal. But I know NOTHING about Beef Wellington.

  3. Bread (ef) – The gluten-free (dairy-free and egg-free) breads I’ve eaten have been dry and heavy! I’d like to make a loaf of bread bend to my wishes and turn out moist, tender, and slice-able.
  4. Cake Roll – I have to admit I am afraid of rolling a sheet cake in a towel in order to make this cake roll. Time to stop being afraid. I now have the proper pan and new clean, white, kitchen towels.
  5. Eggs Benedict – Surely this is one of the most recognized decadent breakfast dishes. I don’t mind mastering “decadent.”
  6. Fish – I am nor much of a fish eater. Getting more fish into my diet is a must. So I am looking for a couple of non-fishy, EASY, cost-effective recipes to put into my weekly food plan. Ideas?
  7. Gravy (ef) – Too many times my gravy turns out lumpy. When we lived in England, I used to call my neighbor, Jo, and ask her to pop over to make the gravy. Jo is too far to ask her to help me. And its been too long since I’ve had a good gravy dinner.
  8. Pavlova With No Fail Meringue Gillian has this recipe. She said she’d help

    This beautiful Pavlova is said to be New Zealand’s national dessert since an NZ chef created it in the 1920’s. Although Australia disputes this and says they are the creator.  After I master THIS, I will be the creator! 🙂

    me make this, hopefully in time for Easter.

  9. Piecaken (mini) – Silly Doodah made this for her husband’s birthday. This novel dessert is one I want to make. BUT. I am lazy. I do not own a spring-form pan. So I looked for an easier way to make this. Lucky for me (and my testers) I found a cupcake version. Want to sign on a mini piceaken taste-tester? Or does this idea of a pie-in-a-cake revolt you?
  10. Pie crust (ef) – Time to find a gluten-free, dairy-free pie crust recipe that is worthy of the filling.
  11. Portion Out A Whole Chicken – Many times whole chickens are on sale at a great price. I’d like to learn how to properly slice it into its parts (breasts, thighs, etc). Truth be told, I don’t know what the etc will be.
  12. Souffle (hot) – Will I master a savory or sweet souffle? At this moment I am thinking it will be a savory concoction. Have a recipe to share?

Your Turn . . .

  • What would you add to this list?
  • What is something you’ve made or a technique you’re mastered in the cooking world recently?

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