I am Choosing to Follow My Daughter’s Idea

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Taped to my daughter’s laptop is the below yellow piece of paper. She is enforcing new behaviours through the use of questions.

What questions and answers would you write?

The questions are as follows:

Would I rather . . .

  • Be on FB or practicing kung fu?
  • Be blogging or going for a bike ride?
  • Be checking email or having dinner with friends?
  • Be surfing or reading a good book?

Should I be on the computer OR Should I be doing something else?

Sooooo, after some thought, I realized . . .  I REALLY do want to be on Facebook, blogging, checking email and surfing!!!! Okay – I am not enamoured with checking email.

But, what is in my best interest? What can I learn by asking myself questions?

  • If I would rather be on Facebook than anything else, why? Some time on FB is not a bad thing. It is a connecting tool. At night I am on FB for connection. But there are other ways and maybe even better ways of connecting. Instead of FB I can call someone (if it’s not too late). I can write a note, pray for them, or work on a scrapbook page.
  • If I would rather be blogging than anything else, why? I recently learned that I like to blog because that is one way I sort out my thoughts. Also it is a way to satisfy my need to learn. And I like to share. These seem like good goals and I think I’d like to still pursue them. However, maybe instead of starting new posts, I could finish up some I’ve already started or work on the post, 19 Things I Learned From My Dog.
  • If I would rather be checking email than anything else, why? Procrastination, pure and simple. Over-checking email is not usually a problem for me. But when I do, it is because I am procrastinating doing something. So when this urge hits me, I want to figure out what I am procrastinating on. Then do that thing  at least for 10-20 minutes.
  • If I would rather be surfing than anything else, why? Easy to answer this – it is FUN, interesting, gives me new things to think about, relaxes me, and the time zooms by. Unfortunately, my brain gets overstimulated when I surf at night. Then I have a HARD time getting to sleep at a decent hour. So instead of surfing, I could read a physical book.

My revised questions and answers are  . . . Would I Rather . . .

  • Be on FB or writing a letter?
  • Be blogging aimlessly or blogging with a purpose?
  • Be checking email or busting procrastination?
  • Be surfing or reading a good book?

Should I be on the computer OR Should I be doing something else?

Your Turn . . . Does the computer take up a lot of your time? How would you answer the above questions?

NOTE: This is the 1st photo in my series, A Spring of Self Portraits. This is an item from my Spring Bucket List.

As you see, sometimes I take great license as to what composes a self-portrait.

The list of the portraits is after the (more…) button. Just click on it.

  1. Portrait One – Using Questions to Decide What to Do
  2. Portrait Two – When I Use My Chi Machine, I am Taking Care of Myself

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  • 1. reflectionsinapuddle  |  . at .

    This is such a great list! I don’t maintain my FB or Twitter. And I try to blog with purpose. And I’d rather read a good book. But … here I am. 🙂 Just because I love reading some blogs.


  • 2. Piglet in Portugal  |  . at .

    Your daughter is very wise, can I borrow her?

    I spend far to much time on the internet – it is like a time vacuum.

    OK I’m off to do some ironing 🙂


  • 3. orples  |  . at .

    Actually, Susan, you have a very insightful daughter. I find if I don’t jot down a to-do list, many times things don’t get done. Putting thoughts on paper is an excellent way to organize time.


  • 4. claudiawjohnson  |  . at .

    Ha! Ha! I love your response. Have fun on your blogging. It is a great time of reflection. I miss it and do it only occasionally, but will be back into more when school is out. I find the reflection really helpful and I like connecting with others like you!


  • 5. Elizabeth  |  . at .

    Last Fall I wrote that list and stuck it to my laptop. Since then I’ve closed my facebook account, I no longer blog and I’m keeping my laptop at work so I dont mindlessly surf or obsessively check email.
    I honestly dont miss any of it.

    I cant see being old and wishing I was on the internet more. With all of that said I do love reading my mom’s blog and hearing her stories and thoughts.


    • 6. susan2009  |  . at .

      I admire that you follow your convictions, my sweet daughter. I do miss “seeing” and following you on Facebook though.


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