Friday’s Fave Five

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Susanne from Living to Tell the Story is the host of this weekly blessing meme. We share 5 blessings from the past week. Write your own list and link up here. Or leave a comment about your blessings.

Below is my Gratitude List for November 2. Read here as to why I am posting something every day in November.

1. Welcome back greetings. Last week was the first time in months that I posted an FFF. The welcome back greetings really touched my heart  Thanks y’all. You touched my heart. I love that this FFF group of posters is a community that encourages.

About 10,000 women gathered at Arco Arena (or whatever it is called now) for the Women of Faith Event. AWESOME time. Isn’t it great to know I won’t need ear plugs in Heaven?

2. Women of Faith. A friend (Pam) won tickets to the Women of Faith in Sacramento. I was touched and excited that she asked me to attend with her. It was a time of encouragement . . . great music and worship . . . stories of God using the least likely to accomplish BIG things . . . and unfettered time to visit with my friend.

3.  Nap during the week. I got up at 3 am one morning this week so I could take friends to the airport. I was glad to do this especially since others have done this for me. It turned out that I was unexpectedly able to take a delicious nap! (I almost always take a nap on Sunday afternoons.)

I love that Jenny Lundquist has followed the path and dream that God has given to her – to be a writer. She is a great role model.


4. Winner. Pam is a “lucky” person and often wins tickets. Me? Not so lucky. However, I recently won a copy of a book another friend (Jenny Lundquist) wrote, Plastic Polly. I love kid art and books written for the younger crowd. Jenny dropped off her book and we had a chance to catch up. I plan on reading this book during “ME” time this weekend. BTW – If you haven’t read Jenny’s Seeing Cinderella, it is a great read. I read and enjoyed it on my kindle. Go to Jenny’s website here.

Reeces peanut butter cups, licorice and candy eyeballs make great spiders.




5. Family time. I took fixings over to my sister’s home so the nieces and I could make cookies topped with spiders. It was cool seeing everyone’s creativity. Their parents joined us too. The end product was delicious.  These 6 BIG cookies made it to the church bake sale.

FUN was had from the 11-year-old to the 54-year-old

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  • 1. Barbara H.  |  . at .

    Those cookies are cute.

    I’ve never been to Women of Faith but I have seen videos of some of the speakers.

    Congratulations on your wins!

    If I got up at 3 I’d HAVE to take a nap later. Glad you got one in.


    • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

      I didn’t know that WOF had videos online of the speakers. I will have to see if they are available for the one I attended. There was so much to take it, it would be great to rehear it.


  • 3. Kathie  |  . at .

    I’ve always wanted to attend a Women of Faith conference – we don’t have them nearby. I’ve enjoyed some of the videos online though. Glad you had a good time!

    Naps are always a favourite!

    Those cookies look so yummy – very creative!

    Happy weekend!


    • 4. susan2009  |  . at .

      The cookies were so much fun to make especially when we started doing our own thing with the decorating supplies. My fave part is when of the teens exclaimed, “This is fun. We SHOULD do it again!”


  • 5. willowknits  |  . at .

    What a blessing that WOF conference must have been. I’m glad you were able to attend.


    • 6. susan2009  |  . at .

      It truly was a blessing. Not only because of the messages and worship, also because I didn’t have to do anything to put it on! All I had to do was show up. I should have listed that as another blessing. 🙂


  • 7. Jientje  |  . at .

    I listed the comments of my readers in my FFF as well! Baking cookies with your family sounds like so much fun, and I love love love those spider cookies!


    • 8. susan2009  |  . at .

      Our spider cookies could have been served by some of the folks in your Halloween pictures. Your photos are always gorgeous.

      Sometimes I am a bit embarrassed by my photos, but I post them anyway since I am documenting my history. And blurry, shiny photos are part of my history. 🙂


  • 9. Faith  |  . at .

    What a great list of faves! I’ve attended 2 women of faith conferences when they were here in Albany NY and I loved every minute!!! those cookies are cute! enjoy your weekend


  • 10. Susanne  |  . at .

    Love those cookies. I’ll have to remember those for dayhome.

    I’ve only attended one WofF event and I really liked it. I too found it a wonderful time to connect with who you’ve gone with. We had Max Lucado as a special speaker and that was really good.


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