8 Different Ways to Express Gratitude

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Sometimes the best “Thank You” is a kiss or a hug.

Sometimes a thank you note is not enough. Or sometimes you just want a different way to express your thanks. Here are 8 ideas that show other ways to  say “gracias.”

Jennifer Hall lists two different ways to express gratitude. Below is one of her ideas. Click on the link to read both ideas.

  • Her family placed a thank you in their small town’s newspaper to express gratitude.

Paul Steinbrueck lists ten ways to express gratitude online. I’ve highlighted three ideas. Click on the link to read the other creative ideas.

  • Create a video thank you and post it on You-Tube or Facebook.
  • Write a blog thank you post.
  • Buy a book or other gift through Amazon to express your gratitude.

Belief Net has an article with 21 ways to say thank you. Here are four of their ideas. Go to this link to read all 21.

  • Publicly express your gratitude in front of  someone’s peers, co-workers, or family.
  • Create and send an email with a video of you saying “Thank You” in multiple languages.
  • Create a musical compilation to say thank you. If you need ideas, Google gratitude songs playlist to get you started.
  • Take a picture of the special moment and send it with “Thanks” written on the back.


During November I am writing or posting a photo about something for which I am grateful. This explains why.  

My gratitude posting for November 19: I am grateful for extended family and the chance to spend a holiday meal with them because I would be missed if I didn’t attend. I am grateful for this yearly opportunity to catch up on their news.


Your Turn . . .

  • Tell us one thing you are grateful for.
  • Add to the above list by sharing your different way of saying thank you.
  • Leave a comment if you’ve been the recipient of a different kind of thank you.
  • Get busy and thank someone today. Thank them in a traditional way or use one of the above ideas. Be sure to leave a comment here telling us about it.

Making a video thank you sounds interesting and fun. And I can see how this would be meaningful to the recipient. This will be one of my next gratitude projects. I will let you know when I am done.

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