It Is the Thought About the Gift That Matters: Ten Simple Gifts

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Say”yes” to thinking about what matters to others before giving them a gift.

“It’s the thought that counts not the gift.”

Do you believe that? Nope. Me neither.

Give me a $0.99 Hot Wheels (miniature car), I wouldn’t be so thrilled.

Give me a $ 0.99 pen, and I would be thrilled!

What is the difference? It isn’t the money spent. It is the thought about what would be meaningful to me. The person giving me the pen understands that I LOVE pens. It shows the person was thinking about me.

A lot of money doesn’t have to be spent in order for the gift to be meaningful. But many times a lot of thought needs to be spent in order to find the gift that would be meaningful. . . . to find the gift that would count.

During November I am writing or posting a photo about something for which I am grateful. This explains why.  

My gratitude posting for November 26: I am grateful for simple gifts. In fact sometimes the simple ones are the most meaningful because they were preceded by the most thought. Some simple gifts I’ve received lately. . .

  1. One cake pop from Starbucks
  2. Text from a friend asking, “What size and what kind of Christmas tree are you looking for?”
  3. A just because card in the mail
  4. An extra squeeze of the hand when my prayer partner and I finished praying.
  5. An affirmative answer, “Why yes, I’d LOVE to help out in Children’s Ministry.”
  6. A friend leaving a comment on my blog or Facebook post
  7. Being asked, “Would you like the last two bites of my home-made chocolate chip cookie?”
  8. Getting advice that is gentle, helpful, and timely
  9. Hearing a specific way I was able to help someone
  10. Offered a cup of my favourite tea, English Breakfast, to go along with an impromptu visit

Your Turn . . .

  • What is a simple gift you’ve given?
  • Received? How did it impact you? Why?
  • Is there someone you’d like to give a simple gift to this week?

Hat tip to Lynette for helping me to think about this idea of simple gifts.


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