Friday’s Fave Five

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During November I am writing or posting a photo about something for which I am grateful. This explains why.  

Hurray, I posted everyday in November. You know what? I benefited from this practice in 3 ways. Go here to read how I benefited and what made my gratitude list for November 2012. 

Today’s gratitude, November 30th, is the last gratitude post for the month. This also happens to be Friday’s Fave Five which is hosted by Susanne. Link up here.

  1. Voice mail. Receiving a sweet thank you message from my godson on my cell phone.
  2. Hot chocolate. Drinking hot chocolate from one of my snowman mugs. This has been especially nice since it’s been cooler and rainy.
  3. Ornament making. Spent the day after Thanksgiving making ornaments (mostly snowmen) with my nieces and  daughter. Go to this link and also this link to see some of them.This is our 2nd annual event.
  4. Simple gift. A gift of a cakepop from Starbucks reminded me of the pleasure of simple gifts. Go here to read “It Is the Thought About the Gift That Matters.” 
  5. Tree lighting. Attended my city’s tree lighting ceremony with my niece, Em. Besides visiting all the vendors and coming away with a reusable (grocery) bag  and a yo-yo (this will be a gift for one of my OCC boxes for next year), we shared a Subway sandwich and frozen yogurt. I like being in a small enough city that I can meet folks (I know) wherever I go.

Bonus. Em let me interview her about a Bible storybook I recently bought. I loved that she was so intense and articulate about her ideas. And she didn’t mind me asking her questions or taking her picture. Here’s the link for that post: 3 Reasons to Read This Bible Storybook (an interview with an 11-year-old).

Your Turn . . . What is on your gratitude list? Leave a comment or link up at Susanne’s.

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3 Reasons to Read This Bible Storybook (interview with an 11-year-old) 3 Benefits of Month-Long Gratitude-Fest

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  • 1. Barbara H.  |  . at .

    Sounds like a great week all around! We missed our town’s tree-lighting event but after reading about it in the paper I want to make a point to go next year.


  • 2. jerralea  |  . at .

    Glad you enjoyed posting everyday – and being grateful every day. It’s a good practice.

    I like living in small towns where I know everyone, too. (The only drawback to small towns is sometimes the inability to connect to high speed internet! LOL)


  • 3. thissimplemom  |  . at .

    Hot Chocolate definitely gives me a bit of a boost. 🙂 (Oh how I wish I drank coffee!!)

    A lovely list! Those eyeglass snowmen are so unique! Lots of fun!

    Have fun baking the pie this week!


  • 4. Faith  |  . at .

    I really enjoyed reading your thankful posts and your FFF! Yes, I have actually been keeping an ongoing list in my private journal based on the book One Thousand Gifts. I’m up to about 300 something. I have a ways to go! I have also posted some of them at the blog under the label “Treasures from God”. you are welcome to come over and check them out! Thank you for your nice comments about my holiday blog look! the logo for my blog was designed by my oldest daughter who is majoring in Graphic Design at Gordon College (a christian college north of Boston). I hope you enjoy a wonderful relaxing weekend!!


  • 5. Susanne  |  . at .

    Love the simple pleasures of your fff post! Love the discipline of thanksgiving I see in your tone! Now I want to click over and see your snowmen. What a great idea for a tradition.


  • 6. nikkipolani  |  . at .

    Oh, yum. I’ve been enjoying hot chocolate, too, though not in a mug as cute as your snowman one! How fun to see people you know about town. The tree-lighting sounds lovely.


  • 7. Brenda  |  . at .

    Sometimes its the little things that mean the most. I know that’s how it is for me most weeks. Just that little thing that made a difference in your life 🙂


  • 8. willowknits  |  . at .

    You did much better than I about posting every day in November. You are right about the simple gifts–usually I prefer the small, simple, consumable gift like a special treat or cup of coffee.


  • 9. Laura Lee Groves  |  . at .

    LOVE hot chocolate, and I do love those simple gifts. The tree lighting sounds lovely! Have a great week ahead.


  • […] Day 30 – The month ended with a post of five gratitudes since it is Friday’s Fave Five. […]


  • […] Day 30 – The month ended with a post of five gratitudes since it it Friday’s Fave Five. […]



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