What do you have with 2 skewers, a paper mache apple, white and green felt, and an 11″ white tree?

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I even made a white tree pin for Frosty. I want to make it into a Frosty Snowman tree too. But not tonight.

You have some of the “ingredients” to make your very own Frosty the Snowman Christmas Tree. Or is it snow woman?

You’ve probably seen photos of such trees on the web. Like the one here. How do you like my miniature version at a fraction of the cost and labour? If’/when I do a tutorial for this cutie, I will hotlink it here.

Working on this creation has been a favourite activity. It has brought me joy and a time to stop the brain from going into over-drive. That makes me grateful.

Read on for four other things that are on my Friday’s Fave list. . . .

TWO. Women’s Christmas Party Devotional Inspiration. Thanks to Barbara (from Stray ThoughtsI found our theme this year, a Christmas Version of I Corinthians 13. Our game and sharing time revolved around making sure this Christmas season was about loving those around us. It isn’t about having the best decorated home, tastiest treats, prettiest and most packages, and engaging in charitable works. If these are done without love, the actions are useless.

THREE. Supporting a Friend’s New Job. Ken Cooley, a member of my church and husband of a co-worker won a seat as a CA assembly member. Ken was sworn into office on Monday. A bunch of us attended that and it was a privilege. Ken is a man of integrity and godly wisdom. I am excited to see how his term(s) in office will make a practical difference for CA,

FOUR. Filming Going Well. This year we are filming the Children’s Christmas play. It will be shown on December 16th at both services. After each of the 3 film vignettes, there will be live singing lead by the children (Emmanuel and Joy to the World) and one solo (Mary, Did You Know?) Phil (videographer & creative genius) and Pam (wardrobe, director, etc) have been awesome to work with. Their ideas, their direction for the kiddos, and their perseverance has been encouraging. I pray that the final product leads all in attendance to reflect anew upon the miracle and purpose of Jesus’s birth.

FIVE. Prayer time at Bible Study. I know I’ve said this before, but it is a favorite again this week. One of the first things we do at our study is to have one person share a bit about what’s going on in their life. Then we gather round and pray. This “activity” helps us to get to know one another better – to see the real person with the mask taken off. And it is an emotional support for the one being prayed over. Read Prayer Impacts us in 5 Ways. In the comments Brenda (from Brenda’s Blog) has added 4 more ways prayer helps us.

BONUS: Christmas Lights on Homes. While taking kiddos home after a filming shoot, we came across a street with 4 homes all AGLOW with lights everywhere in their yards and on their homes. Truly magical looking. I remembered this while reading Brenda’s FFF.

fall FFF 1Your Turn . . . Please share a blessing, a gratitude, a favourite time from your past week either in the comments or on your blog. To read what others have to say, go to Susanne’s place at Living to Tell the Story.

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3 Benefits of Month-Long Gratitude-Fest Friday’s Fave Five

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  • 1. jerralea  |  . at .

    What a cute snowman!

    I was saying on another blog how much Children’s Christmas programs put me in the mood for Christmas. Glad yours is going so well and that you have great people working with the kids.


  • 2. Faith  |  . at .

    The snowman is adorable!! YAY for children being involved in Christmas activities and for people who love working with them! So glad yours is doing well! Be blessed this weekend and hope you have some relaxing time!


  • 3. Barbara H.  |  . at .

    Your Frosty tree looks cute!

    I’m so glad the I Corinthians 13 Christmas worked well for the Christmas party! Sounds lovely.

    I love children’s programs at church. Now that mine aren’t in them I don’t feel the pressure of getting ready fir them but in some ways I miss that.

    I’m going to click over and read the post about prayer. I know it is valuable and I enjoy it when i do pray with others but a part of me feels very awkward about it as well which I am sure is just my introvertish tendencies.

    I love Christmas lights on homes. So festive.


  • 4. thissimplemom  |  . at .

    Very cute. I’m always amazed at how some people can decorate with lights!


  • 5. Susanne  |  . at .

    I have never seen those snowman trees. How creative of you to make a miniature version! Thanks for sharing that link to Barbara’s Christmas I Cor 13. I’m going to do something with that for our study’s Christmas dinner.


  • 6. nikkipolani  |  . at .

    I’m enjoying neighborhood lights, too. As I was flying in from Salt Lake City last Friday evening, it was fun to see the lights from the sky. That’s quite a production for a children’s program — I hope it all goes well. We like the prayer time at our Bible studies, too. Certainly connects us to one another and helps us to know how to bear one another’s burdens.



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