E: 7 Ways to EXCHANGE Grumpy for Happy

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My 1st favourite way to shake the “grumps” is to get into the water. A shower, hot tub, bath, pool, or ocean are all effective mood busters. . . . . My 2nd favourite way is to write a gratitude list.

When someone is grumpy it lowers the mood in the room. I don’t like being around grumpy people  . . . . . even when that grumpy person is me.

Do you ever have times of being grumpy? What do you do to shake them? I asked my family for some suggestions. This is what they came up with . . .

  1. Do something relaxing like go read a book. This helps me to get away from my life into another life.
  2. Go outside and exercise.
  3. Attitude adjustment. I do this by changing my thoughts: like reading the Bible or focus on something else
  4. I usually need to be alone in order to change my mood.
  5. It helps when someone tells me I’m being grumpy because I don’t know it.
  6. Take a nap. I often wake up with a new perspective.
  7. Eat a good piece of chocolate or a pint of sorbet. (Or eat a piece of chocolate pie.)

Your Turn . . .  

  • Which one of the above ways works for you?
  • Share other ideas on how you turn around a grumpy mood.

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NOTE: This post is written for the Blogging From A to Z Challenge. There are 22 categories and my category is MI = Miscellaneous.
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Today’s letter is E. The topic is EXCHANGING  Grumpy for Happy.

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