HOW TO Get People to Read Your Series: 9 Ideas

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After all the work you’ve put into it, wouldn’t you like for there to be more readers, especially ones who are committed to reading the whole series of posts wither for 26 days or 31?

After all the work you’ve put into it, wouldn’t you like  more readers, especially ones who are committed to reading the whole series of posts?

The internet is ripe with how to posts. It is a veritable store of free information. And bloggers are great at sharing their expertise.

  • One way to get good information is to read a 31 Days Series. In September 2012 The Nester hosted a 31 Days of Change Series on her blog. 1,230 bloggers signed up their series. The topics were wide-ranging.
  • Or read posts from the April Blogging From A to Z Challenge1,890 folks signed up to write every day (minus Sundays). The writers could align their blogs with one (more) of 22 categories. Or if none fit, they left that part blank. And they wrote their way through the alphabet.

I was so excited to read, learn, grow from the 31 Day series and then the A-Z Challenge.  After reading dozens and dozens and dozens of posts, I’ve come up with some suggestions on how to get people to read and stay with your series.

You can’t take readers hostage and force them to read. But you can entice and lure them in. Below are 9 Ideas. They are more than cosmetic changes. They really do affect the readers’ experience at your blog.

ONE. INTERESTING TITLE. When there are so many hundreds of choices, you have to do something to set your series apart from others.

Show me what’s in it for me. 31 Days of This and That or A-Z Days of My Thoughts are probably not going to attract many readers unless the readers already know you and WANT to know what YOU are thinking.

Even though 31 Days of Life in Bancock  is all about the writer, this title catches my attention. I’ve never been to Bancock and I’d like to learn more about this place.

Here are some other interesting titles. Of course what’s interesting to one person might not be so much for another.

TWO. TRUTH IN ADVERTISING.  Yes, make the title interesting, but don’t fool me with the title. Write on what your title declares. I.e. I am always striving to better my Spanish so when I saw 31 Days of Spanish Songs I was interested. But this series was really about missions. Missions is a fine topic. But I was disappointed.

This is an A-Z series I was NOT disappointed with:

As part of the A to Z Challenge, we at Moxie Writers have decided to use the power of three this April, linking Moxie Writers with our author sites. So what does that look like?

Moxie Writers will briefly address a YA Cause or Tough Issue facing teens, then offer organizations that aid in the cause.

At Rebecca’s blog, she will list a book and characters associated with the issue of the day. This may or may not begin with the designated letter.

At Susan’s blog, she will share a song with some of the lyrics that pertains to the cause.

Thus, the power of three!

  • These three tackled some tough teen issues. Some topics were cutting, mental health, alcohol abuse, and bullying. I wish they had a listing of all the posts in one place. And I wish they had linked to each other’s posts each day instead of linking to the general blog address. However, I commend these three for the work and time they put into creating this awesome A-Z series. I will be directing some parents and teens to this resource.

THREE. ONLY ONE TOPIC PER POST. It gets so confusing if there is more than one topic per post. We all have limited time and don’t want to wade through the content to get to the topic at hand. Please, put each topic on a separate post.

FOUR. REFER BACK TO THE HOST IN EACH POST. My. Oh. My. Not doing so is such bad etiquette. If you are posting an A-Z or 31 Day series, give credit and link to the originator of the idea especially if you signed up on their Mr Linky page. You can do this by your title, a note at the beginning or ending of your post, by creating a landing page, or including a button on your side bar.

This blogger, Dawn from Here’s the Story, wrote the following at the top of each A-Z post:

During April, I’m blogging daily as a participant of the 
Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge (with time off on Sundays). 
Stay a minute. Read. Tell me what you think. Thanks for stopping by.

The Mommies Network put the A-Z Challenge right in their title. They covered a lot of great topics. Again, I wish they had listed all the titles for the posts in one place for easy access. Here are some sample posts.

Jaime from Awakening Sand Reflections wrote the following at the bottom of each post. And she hotlinked to her theme process.

I’m participating in the 2013 A to Z Challenge. Every day in April (except for Sundays) I will be posting according to a letter of the Alphabet. To read more about my theme, click here.


SIX. FINISH. Oh, please finish. More than a few series really had me hooked, but life interfered and the writer didn’t finish the series. How about finishing it up now? The Nester and the A-Z  Challenge lists will be up forever. So why not take the time to finish the series now. By creating a landing page, you will make it easy for future readers to find and finish reading your series.


This blogger, Teacher-Mom, writes the “Lesson” each A-Z post is meant to convey. Go here to find the lesson from Collecting Memories.

This blog, Artisan Denizen: Celebrating Creativity, posts gorgeous photography (from others) and tells the back story to the photos of her A-Z series. Here are two examples.

EIGHT. FORMAT. Make it easy to read your blog.

  • Don’t have one long column of text.
  • Break it up with subtitles, photos, bullet points, and  short paragraphs.
  • Skip the dark background and light font.
  • Put more than one post per page. When I have to click too many times, I will just leave the blog.
  • Put in a SEARCH BOX  so readers can find posts on the topic they are looking for. I am sure there are a bunch more blogs I should have highlighted. But without a search box or some other way to find the posts (besides scrolling back through the pages), I just gave up.

NINE. BE YOU. Show who you are through your writing. Have fun with it. Be passionate. Below are 3 blogs that do just that.

So now, I need to take some of my own advice and get busy with my next writing series.

Your Turn . . . Besides good writing, what makes you come back to read a series?

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NOTE: This post is written for the Blogging From A to Z Challenge. There are 22 categories and my category is MI = Miscellaneous.
During the month of April I will post 26 times (mainly) finishing up posts that have been in my draft file for at least a year. For a list if all the post go to the A-Z button on my header.
Today’s letter is H. The topic is HOW TO keep readers for your blog series.


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