Two Results of Proper WORSHIP & How to Experience It

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Worship helps me stop the negative, self-centered, and sometimes critical thoughts. THEN I can concentrate on God: His will, attributes, and love for His Children.

Worship helps me stop the negative, self-centered, worried, and sometimes critical thoughts. THEN I can concentrate on God: His will, attributes, and love for His Children.

What does PROPER worship do?

  1. Interrupts my self-preoccupation
  2. Leads me to deliberately focus on God

“Worship is the strategy by which we interrupt our preoccupation with ourselves and attend to the presence of God.”

“Worship is the time and place that we assign for deliberate attentiveness to God – not because He’s confined to time and place but because  . . .

  • our self-importance is so insidiously relentless
  • that if we don’t deliberately interrupt ourselves regularly,
  • we have no chance of attending to Him at all at other times and in other places.”  

By Eugene Peterson

Pastor Peterson says that worship is a strategy, an identifiable plan of action to achieve the goal of “attending to the presence of God.”

Therefore worship, or experiencing God’s presence, can happen at any point in the day on any day when I deliberately reflect on God.

Here are three ways I can worship, experience God’s presence.

ONE. Music helps me experience God’s presence. I agree with Bach that certain music makes me feel God’s presence. “Where there is devotional music, God is always at hand with His gracious presence,” (Johann Sebastian Bach).

“Sometimes when we sing, the power of music and truth combined can dig deeply into our hearts to make us realize that God is with us, but it wasn’t the singing that made him appear. He was there all along.” By Vaughan Roberts

TWO. Sermons help me experience God’s presence. Listening to people like my Pastor or other speakers who truthfully and diligently preach/teach God’s Word does 3 things . . .

  1. corrects my theology, 
  2. admonishes me to see how God would have me change, and  
  3. opens my thoughts to God’s loving, powerful, omnipresence in my life.  

“God fills heaven and earth just as the ocean fills a bucket which has been submerged in it a mile down. The bucket is full of ocean, but the ocean surrounds the bucket in all directions.” AW Tozer, The Attributes of God

Everyday life can help me experience God. Brother Lawrence took this to mean that he could worship God anywhere even while cleaning dishes if he was seeking out and reflecting on God’s presence. I’ve discovered the same thing.

“He [God] does not ask much of us merely a thought of Him from time to time,

  • a little act of adoration,
  • sometimes to ask for His grace,
  • sometimes to offer Him your sufferings,
  • at other times to thank Him for the graces, past and present, He has bestowed on you,
  • in the midst of your troubles to take solace in Him as often as you can.”

By Brother Lawrence, The Practice of the Presence of God

These are only three of the ways I worship, experience God’s presence.

Your Turn . . . 

  • How often do you worship God?
  • How do you best experience God’s presence?
  • What helpful book(s) have you read on this topic?

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