Friday’s Fave Five

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FFF daisiesFriday’s Fave Five reminds me to look at the week and think about the joys it contained. Spending a few days in the East Bay was joyous.

  • I wrote a (rough draft) paper for work.
  • I read up for my talk for Retreat.
  • I made a Kindle cover from an old hard back book.
  • And I enjoyed going with 3 family members to see Rafi as a kid wolf in Jungle Book (play).

But wait, there’s more. I am extra wordy today because its been a long time since I’ve posted an FFF.

So below are 5 more highlights from the week.

  1. Getting to know my 3-month old grand-daughter.  Today I got to hear her first giggles. Her mom sent me a 17 second video of this event. It is cuteness!!! AND I got to hold her some when I visited last weekend.
  2. Fixed headlight. The bulb has been burned out for weeks. When I visited my daughter last weekend, she changed it while I read the directions.
  3. I had one vhs video transferred to a dvd (at CVS). I wanted to try one first to see if it was worth it. It is! I watched  home movies with my kiddos from when they were 6 and 7 years old. We had two hours of memories with my (deceased) mom, site-seeing in England and Wales, and hearing my kiddos with their cute British accents.
  4. I participated in the April Blogging From A to Z Challenge. I only missed 4 days. That is pretty good for me. But I do plan on finishing these posts. It was also cool to be able to “meet” new bloggers.
  5. I finalized my India mission letter today. And I created an Event on Facebook for an upcoming fundraiser: a yard sale, car wash and flea market on Saturday, May 18. We will be doing 3 (main) things in India. (1) Host a conference for 500 women. (2) Buy and pack shoeboxes to give to children. (3) Raise money for and buy 60 sewing machines. Go to the following link to read more about the trip: INDIA Trip is More Than Travel Delight; It Includes a Conference, Shoeboxes, & Sewing Machines.

Leave a comment about a fave from your week. Or better yet, write your own list and link up at Susanne’s Living to Tell the Story.


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  • 1. Faith  |  . at .

    WOW…you’re going on a missions trip to India! My husband has always wanted to do that. I have never been drawn to the mission field in other countries but i think part of it is because i view the students’ families i work with as a mission field! and it’s tough!! God bless you!!! How awesome that you got to see your granddaughter…is she your first grandchild? I hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend!!


    • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

      I agree, Faith, that your students and their families are indeed a ripe mission field. They are blessed to have your attention and affection.

      Yes, this is my first grandchild. And I am loving being a grandma!


  • 3. Dawn  |  . at .

    Great double list, Susan! Five of my faves:
    1 – “Healthy” ice cream (Breyers has 4 ingredients, as opposed to 17, most of which I can’t pronounce.)

    2 – Some small victories that demonstrate how much I’m growing/healing – it is easy for me to miss incremental changes, so I feel like I’m stuck, when I’m really not. Good feeling to SEE the growth.

    3 – Productive work days and lots of energy even on less sleep than ideal. I usually collapse in a soggy heap without enough sleep, but lately I’m just buzzing. I think the longer, sunny days of spring energize me despite less shut eye.

    4 – Kenneth Branaugh’s Henry V. So good!

    5 – Good connections with friends and family this week. Lunches, phone calls, emails, etc. And a random date night with my man. I’m an introvert, but I love my peeps – in small doses. 😉


    • 4. susan2009  |  . at .

      Hello Dawn,

      Breyer’s Natural Vanilla is my all time fave (bought) ice cream. It is incredible that even though it lacks chemical compounds, it is almost the same price as chemical ice cream.

      So glad you have your truth-seeking eyeglasses on.

      I hear ya about lack of sleep and how it can demoralize one. So happy that you are experiencing something different right now. May it stay sooooo at least until more sleep happens.

      Hurray for Kenneth Branaugh’s Henry V. I am sorting my dvd’s by getting rid of quite a few since I hardly rewatch them. However I will keep this dvd.

      I am not an introvert, but I also like my peeps in small doses too, otherwise I am too tired emotionally) to give them my full attention. Sounds like you had a just right week!

      Thanks so much for sharing your fff. I love catching up on your life,


  • 5. jerralea  |  . at .

    Great list of favorites, Susan! You’ve been a busy bee, I see.

    Kudos to you on doing the A-Z challenge. I wanted to participate but just felt like I didn’t have time. About mid-April, I was really sorry I didn’t join in … oh well, there is always next year.


    • 6. susan2009  |  . at .

      Hey Jerralea,

      Let’s do the April challenge together next year. I already have a timeline on my Google calendar.

      This year I (mainly) finished drafts – which took more time than I thought. Next year I’d like to write according to a theme.


  • 7. Laura  |  . at .

    Your India trip sounds SO exciting. You know, my son and daughter-in-law have been approved to adopt from India. We’re so excited. I’ll definitely be praying for your trip, and I can’t wait to hear all about it once you get back!


    • 8. susan2009  |  . at .

      Hello Laura,
      I found their link and read on their blog. How exciting to be progressing so nicely through the adoption. As I pray for my trip, I will keep your family in mind too.


  • 9. Barbara H.  |  . at .

    Sounds like you’ve gotten a lot done recently!

    I am so glad to know you can convert VHS to DVD at CVS. We have some I’ve been wanting to convert.


    • 10. susan2009  |  . at .

      Hi Barbara, I have about 7 more tapes I want to have transferred. Costco also offers this service.


  • How wonderful to be able to have those preserved memories and to share them with your children. That must have been wonderful.


    • 12. susan2009  |  . at .

      It was wonderful, “cornbread.” Those 2 hours of watching the dvd went by quickly. It was also awesome to see my mom again. She passed away in 2001.


  • 13. willowknits  |  . at .

    Hi Susan,
    You have had a very busy time! Aren’t little giggles the most precious gift? How wonderful to have a new little granddaughter to love.
    I’m glad the conversion went well to DVD. We had a reel-to-reel 16mm film put on DVD. We were pleased with how well it looks and sounds.
    PS: welcome back!


  • 14. Brenda  |  . at .

    wow! Sound like a (fruitful) busy week! I love getting things done! I can’t wait until I have grandchildren to love 🙂

    I’ve been making lots of delicious things to bake with my new kitchen-aid. It makes baking SO much easier!



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