Friday’s Fave Five

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FFF daisiesWhat are highlights of your week? I share mine on Fridays. Susanne is our gratitude-leader. Join us here or leave a comment on this post with your fave five.

1. My baby had a birthday on Friday. This is Elizabeth’s last year in her 20’s. In her short life, she has done soooooo much. I am proud of her and look forward to what the coming years bring. We will celebrate with the whole family this coming Saturday. In fact, we are celebrating 4 birthdays!

2. Most shots for India are done. I had polio, Hep A/B, and TDaP shots. The nurse gave me cute cartoon band-aids for the “oozes.” I am taking typhoid fever pills. My arms are fine – no side effects. Of course maybe the ibuprofen has something to do with that. 😉 I am also taking some bromelaine to counteract inflammation.

3. New hair-do. At retreat I got tired of my loose hair so I tried a french braid. To my surprise and delight I was able to do it. This is awesome for two reasons. (1) My left shoulder was strong enough to handle that extended movement. Ever since I broke my shoulder 2 years ago, I haven’t been able to do that. (2) It looked good. If I can continue to do this, maybe I won’t have to cut my hair before going to India. I will post a picture next FFF.


My drive-in peeps: Pam, Lynette, Me, and Bip (left to right)

4. Drive-in movie. “At the height of their popularity in the 1950’s, there were over 4,000 drive-in theaters in the U.S. Today, only 366 remain.” One of them is 10ish minutes away from my home. I posted the above quote on my Facebook page and 3 gals took me up on going even though the movie didn’t start until 8:30pm. It was chilly (but I had my trusty blanket, jacket, and gloves). We stayed for only the first movie. We saw After Earth (with Will and Jaiden Smith) which was moderately scary. I only screamed twice. We had plenty of snacks and great conversation before the movie started. This was Lynette’s first time. I want to GO again!

5. Activa yogurt. I am always on the look out for ways to improve my health that are easy to implement. I don’t know how come I never tried Activa before to better my digestive health. It is tasty especially the vanilla. Although it does make me gassy. My chiropractor said that could be a good thing. He said to wait a week or two before giving up this treat. I guess it remains to be seen if Activa will be recalled as a fave.

BONUS: I hope to write-up a fave five list from the Retreat we had over the weekend. If not, all you need to know is that Retreat was awesome.

Your Turn . . . Leave a comment on a fave (or five) that you experienced this week.

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  • 1. Lynette  |  . at .

    Your hair look so cute up. I love the options one has with long hair. Wear up for a short cute do or down for a fun flirty look. Love going to the movies with you. Let’s do it again.You have a cute scream!


  • 2. Barbara H.  |  . at .

    Happy birthday to Elizabeth!

    My son went to Cameroon for a short-term mission trip some years back and had to get a bunch of shots. The receptionist at the end said “I’m surprised you’re still standing,” but he seemed to tolerate it all well.

    I’ve never tried a French braid, but I love the way they look. My hair tends to slither out of any pins of any kind, so I have never been able to put it up in a way that looks nice and stays that way.

    I haven’t been to a drive-in movie since i was a child. Sounds fun!


  • 3. Amy @ Hope Is the Word  |  . at .

    How wonderful to see your child’s successes! Happy birthday to your daughter!

    I love French braids! My hair hasn’t been long enough for years and years to even contemplate such a ‘do, but I wore them as a teen. Lovely!

    A trip to India? Interesting!


  • 4. Susanne  |  . at .

    Happy birthday to your daughter! So much to be done before a big trip like to India, isn’t there? I miss our drive in theatre which was torn down when I was in my early 20’s.


  • 5. Mrs. C (Paula)  |  . at .

    This is my first visit to your blog via Living To Tell The Story. 🙂

    I have never been able to do a French braid. Maybe I will put that on my summer to-do list. My girls would appreciate it.

    A couple from our church are missionaries to India & Burma. They always have interesting stories to tell from their work there.


  • 6. Willow  |  . at .

    I can do french braid on other people, but since I have very short hair, I’ve not tried it on myself.
    Oh yes, I remember the shots. My kids would cry, I would cry for them. Will you be taking meds for malaria? (I remember those too)
    Happy Birthday to Elizabeth!
    I just now got the connection between you and Lynette–so glad you’re friends!


  • 7. nikkipolani  |  . at .

    Ah, yes, shots for India. I just came across some photos of one of our team members getting shots before our trip to India (circa 1996). Glad you’ve come through them well! That drive-in adventure sounds like a ton of fun — I have no idea if any are still functioning in my area. Seems they’ve all been converted to swap meets.


  • 8. Brenda  |  . at .

    Your baby girls last year in her 20’s. . . its amazing how that happens! I’ve been to that drive in theater multiple times and its a lot of fun!



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