Red Tea in a Paisley Mug

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This paisley mug was a thrift store find at $1.00. In real life, the blue is a turquoise blue and not a royal blue. And because it is turquoise, this makes it one of my favorite mugs.

Day 4 (January 14)

Day 4. Rainforest Red Tea by Good Earth. This red tea or (rooibos which is pronounced roy-bos) has guava and the Amazonian superfruit acai.

Day 4. Rainforest Red Tea by Good Earth. This red tea or (rooibos which is pronounced roy-bos) has guava and the Amazonian superfruit acai.

I drank this tea hot and plain.

  • It has a sweet taste so I didn’t see the need for sweetener.
  • This is NOT a favorite tea. There was not one distinct flavor.
  • I have one bag left so I will try it again (soon) and see if I have a different opinion.
  • A while ago a friend (Lori K) gave me about 10 tea bags from her stash. That is why I have onesies and twosies of some teas.

Your Turn . . .

  • Do you like this tea or red teas in general? 
  • Have you found any mugs at the thrift store? If yes, why don’t you post a photo?

21 Days of Tea Series

  1. Peppermint
  2. Sweet & Spicy (cinnamon dominant herbal blend)
  3. Zen (lemon grass, spearmint, green tea)
  4. Rainforest Red

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  • 1. smkelly8  |  . at .

    Going to a thrift store for mugs is a great idea, though I seem to acquire too many mugs too easily. I’ve never had this tea and really don’t try red tea much. Black tea is my first choice followed by chai or green tea. Mixing green and black tea is a good way to go.


  • 2. susan2009  |  . at .

    Hello Susan. Yes, it is also too easy for me to acquire mugs at the thrift store. That;s why I have cut myself OFF. . . .That’s a good idea about mixing the black and green teas: you get the flavour from the black and the health benefits from the green. . . Do you prefer your black tea plain or do you have a favourite flavour?



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