Russian Morning # 24 Tea (loose leaf) in a Travel Mug

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This travel mug is 5 1/4 inches tall and holds 9 ounces of liquid. The all over paisley design is attractive and the two words, “Amazing Grace,” help me focus on Truth. This was a gift and came with several chocolate bars. đŸ™‚

Day 11 (January 21)

Day 11. Russian Morning #2 is made by Kusmi Teas. This tea is a loose tea and was steeped in that steeping spoon.

black tea Day 11. Russian Morning #24 is made by Kusmi Teas. This tea is a loose leaf tea and was steeped in that steeping spoon.

I initially drank this hot and plain.

  • The blend of these three [Chinese, Ceylon, and Indian black] unflavoured orthodox teas makes for a well-balanced tea that is full-bodied enough to be ideal for drinking in the morning.”
  • Steep it for 3-4 minutes.
  • And I concur. This is a WINNER. It is similar to English Breakfast in its smoothness.
  • I put in a bit of milk to make the colour like caramel. Yummm. It softened the mellow flavour even more.
  • This is the first loose tea I have tried during this series. Out of all the teas I have, I only have 4 or so loose leaf teas.
    • The one con to using this mug for hot drinks, is that since I like my drinks HOT, my hands get burned when I use this mug.
  • I had an awkward time trying to scoop up the loose tea with the steeping/strainer spoon.

Your Turn . . .

  • Are you in the loose leaf, tea bag, or don’t care camp when it comes to brewing your teas? So far, I do not like the strainer spoon. I do like the ease of using tea bags.
  • Do you use travel mugs for your tea too?
I didn't like using the strainer spoon so I looked up instructions to make my own tea bags. I used this sight here.

I didn’t like using the strainer spoon so I looked up instructions to make my own tea bags – 6 of them. I haven’t used them yet.

Have you ever made your own tea bags? I have! Go here to see. At this post I will give you some links I looked at. Be sure to let me know if you make some tea bags too.

21 Days of Tea Series is after the jump. 

  1. Peppermint
  2. Sweet & Spicy (cinnamon dominant herbal blend)
  3. Zen (lemon grass, spearmint, green tea)
  4. Rainforest Red (red rooibos, hibiscus, chicory root, blackberry leaves, orange peel, ginger root, acai)
  5. English Breakfast
  6. Earl Grey
  7. Tulsi Sweet Rose (blend of tulsi and sweet rose)
  8. Pomegranate Raspberry Green Tea (green tea, chamomile, hibiscus flowers, orange peel, citric acid, pomegranate flavor, raspberry flavor, Japanese matcha)
  9. Green Moroccan Mint (green tea, spearmint, peppermint, lemongrass) – all organic and fair trade certified
  10. Orange Spice Black Tea (blended black tea, orange peel, cinnamon, orange oil, clove flavour)

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